Companies are preparing for permanently high raw material and energy prices

Coils of copper wire Many German companies fear permanently high prices for raw materials and energy. (Photo: dpa) Zurich, Düsseldorf The caprioles on the raw materials and energy markets are causing increasing problems for German companies. They now see the prices for industrial metals, oil or electricity and gas as the greatest risk to business […]

Carlo Credo: Why handicraft companies are queuing up at

17.08.2023 – 10:20 Marketing Wizards GmbH food Carlo Credo is the founder and managing director of, a brand of Marketing Wizards GmbH. With his recruiting platform, he supports companies of all sizes and industries in filling their vacancies. Through individual cooperation and its own video production, the recruiting expert creates a sustainable basis for […]

Latest News – Latest News – Detailed View

Against the background of the current developments in connection with the corona pandemic, there is a need for companies to introduce short-time work. A large number of employers are faced with the problem that the introduction of short-time work in their companies is due to lack of labor law agreement not possible. We would like […]

NEWS, NEWS and NEWS from Blomberg

July 28, 2023 Markus Bültmann Welcome to Blomberg Marketing. Ulrich Wicke and Carnation Queen Melanie in front of the tourist information (Photo: Blomberg Marketing) The Istrup local history club has been a new member of the marketing association for a few weeks now. Branch manager Jasmin Whiting and Carnation Queen Melanie Schuitema were able to […]

Family businesses: How investors can invest

Simone Bagel-Trah, Chairwoman of the Henkel Supervisory Board The Global Family Owned Company Index lists the German companies Henkel and Beiersdorf. (Photo: dpa) Köln Deutschland is considered the Eldorado for hidden champions, i.e. for world market leaders in niches. Family businesses play a central role for the entire economy in this country. Around 90 percent […]

NEWS, NEWS and NEWS from Blomberg

June 9, 2023 Marco Schröder With this guided tour, you will embark on a special tour of Blomberg and its town history, to places that are otherwise not visited. In the monastery church, formerly known as “The Holy Body”, you will learn that its importance extended far beyond Germany’s borders. We take a look at […]

POSCO Group supports ceramics and craft industries with steel and lithium by-products

[이데일리 박순엽 기자] POSCO Group supports the revitalization of the ceramics and craft industries by utilizing by-products generated in the steel and lithium production process. On the 27th, POSCO announced on the 28th that it had signed a business agreement with Icheon City and the Korea Institute of Ceramic Technology to establish a material supply […]

Fireplaces and tiled stoves are environmentally friendly systems

The climate-impacting emissions of wood are below those of heating oil, natural gas or heat pumps. Heating with wood is therefore not harmful to the environment, emphasizes master fireplace builder Marcus Breuer. Messages are repeatedly heard that wood with heating is not climate-neutral. Among other things, a report on public television last year showed that […]