Debt: the counterproposal that UBS brought to the government

The ACC submitted a new offer to the Government with a valuation of about 54.5 cents on the dollar for every 100 sheet (taking a 10% discount rate) as observed from the proposal to which it agreed Ambit. Broadly speaking, UBS requests to maintain the clauses corresponding to the bonds of the 2005 (Indenture) issued […]

Vicentin: Foreign Creditors Request Company Documents From New York Court

Vicentin requested the opening of his preventive bankruptcy proceedings before a Santa Fe court in February after failing to pay a payment of US $ 350 million to agricultural producers. Then, last month, President Alberto Fernández launched a plan to intervene and expropriate the company, which is currently on standby. The steering committee wants disclose […]

Debt: a group of bondholders presented the Government with a new counterproposal

A group of bondholders that is part of the Argentine Creditors Committee (ACC) presented a new counteroffer to the Government on Wednesday. They are the Gramercy, Greylock Capital, Fintech and Oaktree funds, which make up ACC and They are getting closer to agreeing an agreement with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, since their differences […]

Reuters: they say the ACC bondholder group is cracking

Three bondholder groups told Reuters that the Argentine Creditors Committee (ACC), one of the top three groups of bondholders, was shocked by the announcements of the US funds Gramercy, Fintech y Oaktree, than they indicated that they were willing to make individual agreements. The ACC has proposed a deal in which bondholders would effectively receive […]

Optimism in a new week of negotiations (speed up the default clock)

The second week of the fourth, and final, stage of negotiation with the bondholders will begin today with some optimism from the parties in dispute: the communication between the Government and the three groups representing creditors with debt issued under international law, is again tuned in and in full exchange of proposals. It is a […]

Exchange: bondholders counterattack and prepare their counterproposal

In either case these are ideas that improve the first stone position of the debt holders, and accept the criterion of strong interest, light principal and an important extension in the payment time without immediate compensation. However, inevitably, they would imply that Martín Guzmán accepts that his first proposal to creditors must be modified and […]

For banks, negotiations will continue until June

Among the private there is already talk of discussions that could last until June. On the other hand, the banks themselves affirm that Argentina’s presentation will generate rejection from creditors, but that it is a starting point for discussion; and that, it is ruled out, there will be an improvement in the conditions of the […]

Argentina presents SEC offer: there are 33 days to avoid falling into default

The official intention is that before that date the negotiation is covered, that the 75% acceptance rate has been achieved, and that, finally, the country does not default. And that, consequently, there is no need to settle the three Global payments. If not, the die will be cast and it will be a decision of […]

Discount time for the proposal to the bondholders

At all times, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, maintained that he will only make a proposal that is “sustainable” over time, that is, that allows the recovery of the Argentine economy as well as facing debt commitments. This supposes a “substantial effort” on the part of the private creditors according to the words of […]