Rififi between doctors at Arlon hospital

A second similar email, three months later, questioned the probity of his colleague following the disappearance of a medical device. “It’s weird, he says, this disappearance takes place precisely when Mrs. X is absent.” Monsieur takes himself for God the Father The lawyer for the civil party, Me Zevenne, considers that his client’s honor has […]

Man convicted of attempted murder and serious robbery in Vienna – Wien Aktuell

from . – 30.08.2021 17:02 (Akt. 30.08.2021 18:26) A judgment was reached in a trial in Vienna. However, it is not legally binding. © APA / HERBERT NEUBAUER (symbol picture) As a result of a brutal attack, a native of China was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment at the Vienna Regional Criminal Court for attempted […]