from Scientology to cinema in space

Universal Pictures studios, one of the big Hollywood companies, are in negotiations to shoot the film that Tom Cruise, NASA and Elon Musk they want shoot in space, as announced by the magazine ‘Variety’, The budget? The most optimistic forecasts estimate it at more than 170 million euros. If they reach an agreement, this would […]

Cruzeiro allegedly offered the youth to Tigres to pay off debt for Sóbis

Editorial Mediotiempo Monterrey / 01.07.2020 16:08:49 Given the debt they present with Tigers for the transfer of Rafael Sóbis, in cruise they would be looking for an alternative form of payment and they would have offered a juvenile to pay off more than $ 3 million that remain to be settled. According to information from […]

Tom Cruise plans to shoot with Elon Musk and NASA the first movie in space

Tom Cruise is working on a film project with Elon musk, founder of Tesla, and the POT for shoot the first fiction movie in outer space, announced today exclusively Deadline, a newspaper specialized in Hollywood information. According to this news, the collaboration between Cruise and Musk, also creator of the company SpaceX, aims to record […]

Film Festival: Why didn’t Cannes surrender to Corona?

BAyreuth is canceled, Rock am Ring, Aix-en-Provence. Only a small Gallic village has been able to withstand the Corona siege for six weeks now. The Cannes Festival steadfastly refuses to surrender to the uncanny attacker, to submit to the inevitable. Inevitable. Oh really? .

Coronavirus: 400 cruise ship passengers must travel the Pacific before disembarking

The boat set sail for Germany just after 7:00 am Belgian time from Australia. Lhe German cruise ship Artania, which has been quarantined in Western Australia due to nearly 80 cases of coronavirus contamination, finally left the country on Saturday. The ship Artania, which belongs to the German cruise line Phoenix Reisen, had been moored […]

AvtoVAZ developers ruined LADA Vesta SW 2020 again, but much worse?

“Lux” for 808 thousand 900 rubles. Recently, experts said that the LADA Vesta SW 2020 model year is the most bought equipment among all LADs. Vesta enjoys special respect in the color of gray-blue “Phantom”, which replaced the bright blue “Diving”. Moreover, even the dealers themselves highlight the Luxe equipment, but not with the “vaunted” […]

BMW takes on retro fashion with the R-18 motorcycle

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/07/2020 01:51 save Related news With the new R 18, BMW Motorrad now enters the cruiser segment. Like no other BMW motorcycle has ever done before, this model fully follows the tradition of historic BMW motorcycles, both in technical and design terms. It borrows technological and visual aspects from famous models like […]

Where are all the ships now?

Z.Two weeks after the cancellation of all cruises, some scattered ships are still looking for open ports to disembark their passengers and fly home. Meanwhile, anchorages and berths for decommissioned cruise ships are becoming scarce. And the crew is mostly stuck on the ships. There has never been a comparable situation before the corona virus […]