Russia Turns to Crypto, Bitcoin Price Reaches Rp 631.4 Million Per Piece

JAKARTA, – Crypto asset market or cryptocurrency still continuing its strengthening in today’s morning trading session, Wednesday (2/3/2022). This strengthening trend is in line with the fall of the Russian currency, the ruble. Many investors choose to switch from rubles to crypto assets. The reason is, despite having high volatility, cryptocurrencies are considered more […]

3 Recommendations for Cheap Crypto Worth Buying, Big Cuan – Cryptocurrencies have recently become increasingly popular. Bitcoin as a pioneer, the price is already fantastic at IDR 596 million per coin. In fact, crypto currency is not only Bitcoin. There are many options that you can choose to invest in. Here are three cryptocurrencies that are still cheap and worth investing in. READ […]

Bitcoin 2022 Price Leaks from CEO, Traders Will Be Happy – Seba Bank CEO Guido Buehler predicts Bitcoin price will skyrocket this year. According to Seba Bank’s analysis, the price of Bitcoin will rise in the range of USD 50 thousand to USD 75 thousand. Previously, the price of Bitcoin had reached its highest point in November 2021, which was USD 69 thousand. READ […]