Mega fine to Kim Kardashian, she will pay over 1 million to Sec – North America

Kim Kardashian has agreed to pay more than $ 1 million to the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, to end a dispute with Consob USA for not declaring what she received for an Instagram post advertising a cryptocurrency company . Cnbc reports it. The SEC accused the reality star of violating federal laws for […]

Makes it painful, this is the process of cleaning used mining GPUs

Jakarta – Change “The Merge” done for Ethereum make a graphics card or GPU become unprofitable for mining crypto-. In the video posted by @I_Leak_VN, it is shown that crypto miners are allegedly cleaning up their row of graphics cards for later resale. This GPU was sold as a result of “The Merge” which made […]

Fun! Playing the Battle of Guardians Game Can Get Money!

Jakarta – There are a number of games that offer the concept play to earn. In other words, playing the game and winning the game, can make the players earn money. Battle of Guardians Locally made is one of them. Game Battle of Guardians (BoD) is a game based on Web 3.0 and offers a […]