6 new cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba announced Sunday

WINNIPEG — The province is announcing six new cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba, the largest single day uptick since April 11. Health officials said they identified the new cases as of 9:30 a.m. Sunday. The total number of lab-confirmed and probable cases now sits at 343. Data on the number of active cases, people recovered, […]

There are strict COVID-19 shutdowns in other provinces. Why not before Christ?

VANCOUVER – With three out of five Canadians preparing for a life without non-essential businesses and many having the opportunity to go to work, Prime Minister John Horgan insists that British Columbia’s containment efforts are similar without having to force more sectors to close. As part of a comprehensive order, to be held at midnight […]

Vancouver is now in a state of emergency following a city council vote

VANCOUVER – A day after Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart suggested the motion, council has voted unanimously to declare a state of emergency. During a virtual special meeting, city councilors approved Stewart’s coronavirus-related request, which was first made public Wednesday. The motion was passed unanimously. Now the city will discuss the matter with the province to […]

B.C. Post-secondary pupils request that personal classes be suspended

VANCOUVER – Several post-secondary institutions in British Columbia make the transition from face-to-face courses to online courses, but not all switch. On Friday, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and Trinity Western University announced that they were suspending personal classes after more than 15 institutions in Alberta, Ontario and […]

Woman dead, man missing after boat accident on Pitt River

VANCOUVER – A woman is dead and a man is missing after a boat accident on the Pitt River on Saturday morning in which three people were hospitalized. In a press release, Coquitlam told RCMP that they were asked to respond to a capsized boat on the river south of Monroe Creek at around 11:10 […]

David Sidoo asks that his name be removed from the UBC field

VANCOUVER – A Vancouver businessman and former CFL player who has admitted to participating in a college admissions fraud program has requested to have his name removed from a field at the University of British Columbia. On Friday, David Sidoo pleaded guilty to a Boston, Massachusetts court over a postal fraud conspiracy. According to the […]

B.C. Government asks retired doctors, nurses to come back to work

VANCOUVER – The B.C. The Ministry of Health is looking for ways to increase COVID-19 screening and testing capacity in the province. This could include large, dedicated clinics like the one that opened at the Brewer Arena in Ottawa on Friday. “All ideas are on the table that you heard elsewhere,” said Health Minister Adrian […]