Mexican doctors are manifested by recruitment of cuban health care

Through a communiqué, associations and colleges of physicians mexicans showed their disagreement with the recruitment of cuban doctors to attack the COVID-19 in Mexico. The physicians know in their text that, according tol Official Journal of the Federation (DOF)is contató staff abroad, specifically professional cubans, for the duration of the health emergency generated by the […]

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s way to start investing in Bitcoin

In a recent interview on Anthony Pompiliano’s Podcast, (a major cryptocurrency investor), Mark Cuban assured that he will only support BTC if it were much “easier to use”. Mark a quirky detractor of Bitcoin Unlike many other Bitcoin enemies, the American billionaire has never definitively closed the doors on BTC. For Mark, the main problem […]

Cuban regime sanctions 14 infected doctors for not protecting themselves

The report ensured that in this healthcare facility work is being carried out on the total disinfection of the rooms, for which water with detergent and 5% sodium hypochlorite was delivered to each department, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Andrés Lamas Acevedo, director general of the Cuban health facility, said around 900 samples were […]

Coronavirus. Cuban diplomacy with caregivers

The brigade of Cuban doctors is here to help fight the Covid-19. This selfless act is motivated by the high level of international solidarity of the Cubans , tweeted South African Minister-Counselor Jackson Mthembu. South Africa is one of 23 countries to which Cuba has dispatched “brigades” with a total of 1,466 caregivers But the […]

The Kings inaugurate Arco and visit the stand of EL PAÍS | Culture

Los Reyes, at the stand of EL PAÍS. PHOTO: Julián Rojas / VIDEO: LUIS MANUEL RIVAS Words weigh like slabs but words are carried by the wind. Words are precise and contradictory; effective and confusing; truths with which we tell stories. Converted into images, words are also an art form. With them, Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, […]

Bernie Sanders faces Cuban exile by praising achievements of the revolution

There are more than eight months left for the elections, but for some the result is already decided. They are those who believe that a “socialist” will not be able to win the vote of Cuban and Venezuelan exile from Florida, particularly after Senator Bernie Sanders refused to recant having praised one of the most […]

Brazil will readmit Cuban doctors to not be able to fill vacancies | International

The Brazilian Government is preparing to hire again part of the 1,800 Cuban doctors who remain in the country after a cooperation agreement with Havana was broken in November 2018 after the attacks of the now president, Jair Bolsonaro, who accused the professionals of forming “guerrilla nuclei”. However, there are 757 vacancies due to the […]