Antonio Bauelos: “The Government wants to drop bullfighting”

GONZALO I. WELCOME Madrid Updated Thursday, twenty-one may 2020 –15:29 The new president of the Lidia Bull Breeders Union explains the situation that the Cabaña Brava is experiencing and exposes the main lines of his program to weather the harsh crisis that fully affects the ranchers Loaned by AB Relief.Antonio Bauelos replaces Carlos Nez as […]

This was the summit of the bullfighting figures: from the outrage with Pablo Iglesias to the squats of Morante de la Puebla

The dome of bullfighting met this Monday. Convened by Cristina Snchez and El Juli, patrons of the Toro de Lidia Foundation,“in 24 hours”all confirmed their presence.Fundi,Ponce,Morante,Perera,Castella,Cayetano,Apple orchards,King RockandPablo Aguado.Jos TomsHe did not participate, but asked that he be counted on and informed of what was being said. The matadors Paco were also presentUreaandManuel Escribano, who […]

Bullfighters discriminated by the Government in aid of the Covid-19 crisis

GONZALO I. WELCOME Madrid Updated Thursday, 14 may 2020 –17:55 The unemployment benefit for ‘artists who participate in public shows’ does not recognize bullfighting professionals who are seeing how SEPE denies their requests UNPBE While the world of the bull tries to resurrect from the knockout caused by the coronavirus crisis, bullfighting professionals – bullfighters […]

600 bullfighting civil societies support the request for specific measures to Culture for the sector

Wednesday, 13 may 2020 – 18:28 Victorino Martin, president of the Toro de Lidia Foundation, claims “financial aid equivalent to that approved in other cultural activities” Apple orchards and Morante in IllescasJavier Martnez More than 600 civilian bullfighting entities have adhered to“specific support measures for the bullfighting sector”that the Toro de Lidia Foundation has claimed […]

The tavern of Fajardo, Moncholi and Gonzalo Caballero

Updated Friday, 8 may 2020 –19:28 Martnez-Almeida, Moncholi, Gonzalo Caballero, Paloma Garca Romero and El Fundi The little prestige that was left to the bullfighting sector has been squandered this Friday takingthe mayor of Madrid, Martnez-Almeida, La Tienta to mourn the problems of the Covid. To talk about problems, friends with a broken heart and […]

Out in the open: Pablo Aguado’s delight in the historic house of Miura

Updated Tuesday, 5 may 2020 –19:38 TWITTER PABLO AGUADO / J.J. DIAGO The images ofPablo Aguado tempting open field in ZaharicheThey have gone viral in the few hours they have been posted on their social networks. The naturalness of his bullfighting finds sculptural perfection with Miura’s tight calves. The bucolic prairie of Lora, in full […]

Open reflections on (televised) bulls behind closed doors

I sketched tweets that I never posted for not falling for thestorm of opinionsof those who write on networks with a certain short-sightedness and, therefore, not with all the broad scope that the matter requires. Try to do, in this my space, an exercise of thinking aloud. Reflecting openly on (televised) bulls behind closed doors. […]