Nicolás Sánchez, to the “centennial” club of Los Pumas

They say that the difficult thing is not to arrive, but to sustain. And it is even more difficult to do so in a team like Los Pumas, constantly nourished with the talent that emerges from the clubs year after year through the monitoring and development system that operates in the UAR Academies and Rugby […]

Evaluation of Marketing Assistant at ilender Peru Lima

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“Understanding Redpagos in Uruguay: Accessing Loans through a Financial Services Network”

Redpagos is a network of collections and financial services in Uruguay, but it does not offer loans per se, but acts as an intermediary between clients and different financial institutions that do grant loans. Through Redpagos, customers can access loans offered by different financial institutions that work together with the network. These institutions can offer […]

Chess “enters” the curriculum of kindergartens and primary schools

From the new school year, kindergarten and primary school children will be able to learn chess, not as a side activity outside the curriculum, but as an extra lesson, through the Skills Workshops. Through the special educational programs prepared by the Hellenic Chess Federation (ESO), and recently approved by the Institute of Educational Policy, teachers […]

Renate Behr Graves – Zurich City Hospital

Since 8/2003 Cardiotechnician, cardiac surgery, Triemli City Hospital, Zurich 1992–2003 Perfusionist, Clinic for Cardiac, Thoracic and Cardiac Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany 1991–1992 Nurse, Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit, Benedikt Kreutz Rehabilitation Center, Bad Krozingen, Germany 1987–1990 Associate Charge Nurse, General Intensive Care, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australien 1985–1987 Staff Nurse, General Intensive Care, […]

The social sciences, from a gender perspective

21/10/2022 academic On October 27 and 28, the Virtual Conference “Teaching in social sciences and teaching innovation from a feminist perspective” will be held, organized by the Sociology Teaching Group of the Spanish Federation of Sociology (FES) and the CEFOCID-COPOLIS Group of the University of Barcelona. The objective of these conferences is to bring together […]

Goseong ‘chaos’ until a physical fight

◀ anchor ▶ Conflict between the progressives and conservatives is growing over the new curriculum reform that will be applied from the 2024 school year. Even the public hearing, a place to exchange opinions, was stained with high-pitched voices and physical fights. As it spreads into an ideological confrontation, the pain is likely to continue. […]