Where can I get SEP textbooks?

To consult the SEP textbooks, it is only necessary to access the internet page https://www.conaliteg.sep.gob.mx/ where the books appear by school level. # Boletín_SEPThe basis of the program #LearnHome are the #Textbooks free of the @Conaliteg. With one million 800 thousand queries to the digital catalog available at https://t.co/mCi8HWk4C2 following the health emergency by #covid19.https://t.co/J216sSciCe […]

There are more active cases because more tests are applied: Sheinbaum

Photo: Cuartoscuro / File. MEXICO CITY. The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum considered that the increase in the number of active cases, has to do with that more tests of covid-19 are being done in the city. This, after questioning him if he is not concerned that the figure may translate […]

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom heartbroken over terrible loss

A few hours ago they found his necklace, so sadly they ended the search. MEXICO CITY Just as there are beautiful days, there are sad days, and we have all experienced that. On World Puppy Day Adopt one of the Metro! Unfortunately those who are now in mourning are Katy Perry y Olando Bloom the […]

How to get the 90 thousand pesos from the government to improve my house

The Sedatu will grant subsidies of up to 90 thousand pesos to improve or expand homes. Photo: Unsplash MEXICO CITY.- The Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) will give subsidies of up to ninety thousand pesos so that people can improve or expand their homes. Through the Urban Improvement Program, in coordination with […]

They locate Hummer, Jeep, pick up … in video of the CJNG

MEXICO CITY The Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) detected 80 weapons, 75 people, and 19 vehicles, some with artisan armor, in the video of the self-proclaimed elite group of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), reported General Luis Crescencio Sandoval González. During the morning, the head of the Sedena reported that this group is under […]

‘Medicine is my wife; literature, my lover ‘: Chekhov

Only during difficult times is where people come to understand how difficult what is owning your feelings and thoughts. Anton Chekhov MEXICO CITY. Antón Chekhov died 116 years ago, on July 15, 1904, and his literary work is still required reading. ‘Medicine is my legal wife; literature, my lover. When I get tired of one […]

US challenges Venezuela with warship

The USS Pinckney entered Venezuelan jurisdictional waters, despite warnings and warnings from the Venezuelan Armed Forces. Photo: AFP CARACAS. Venezuela denounced yesterday that a warship deployed by the United States in the Caribbean entered “stealthily” into the country’s jurisdictional waters, which he described as an “act of provocation” and it is a week after President […]

# LadyHomophobic called a woman who reported aggression in Parque Hundido

A video shows the moment in which the woman asks that Rolando be photographed. Photo: Special MEXICO CITY. Claudia “R”, who denounced being the victim of assaults by Rolando “F” in the Parque Hundido, was baptized on social networks as # LadyHomophobic. After a video broadcast on Twitter, in which the man is seen struggling […]

These are the cars that consume less gasoline

MEXICO CITY The covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has forced citizens to save on various items because many have been laid off or their wages have been reduced. In times of crisis, saving on gasoline is a good option, here are eight vehicles that consume little gasoline. Hybrid cars are a great option, providing energy savings and […]

This is the medical equipment that Pope Francis donated to Mexico

The bishops of Mexico are grateful for the generosity of SS Francisco to help the population in this emergency and recognize the gesture of closeness and love that he has with the People who make a pilgrimage in our country. MEXICO CITY. Word and deed, that’s what it’s about. And Pope Francis takes it to […]