From tonight cloud bands associated with potential cyclone # 9 will be felt

Starting tonight, cloud bands associated with the potential tropical cyclone # 9 will be affecting in the extreme east of the Dominican Republic, as reported by Gloria Ceballos, director of the National Meteorological Office (Onamet), on Wednesday afternoon. He explained that during the morning the effects of the phenomenon will continue to increase in the […]

New York to put free mask dispensers on its buses

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA, for its acronym in English) announced Wednesday that it will install dispensers of surgical masks on its buses so that all passengers can use them for free while they are on this type of public transport. The MTA He noted that he has already installed 100 dispensers on […]

Hopes sink for beds as virus takes more lives

For the second consecutive day, Greater Santo Domingo registered 100% of the occupation of its hospital beds for patients with Covid, while the number of patients in critical conditions was yesterday of 279 admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU), 11 more than the previous day. The difficulties of the population to find space in public […]

HEALTH – Treatments for myeloma patients

EMultiple myeloma is the second most common type of hematologic cancer and is incurable. Important figures in the region alert us that, from 2012 to 2019, cases of multiple myeloma in the Dominican Republic have increased by 153%, in Panama by 173%, in Guatemala by 290% and in Costa Rica by 338%. There are approximately […]

New restrictions to stop the pandemic when the world registers 650,000 deaths

Authorities re-imposed restrictions in several countries to contain the coronavirus, when the official death toll from the pandemic exceeded 650,000 worldwide, and in U.S they started large-scale clinical trials for a vaccine. In Washington DC, where the White House announced that another senior adviser to President Donald Trump has been infected, Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered […]

Washington imposes a quarantine for the states considered high risk

The mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, has issued an order requiring that anyone seeking to enter the state from other US territories deemed high risk for their status in the coronavirus pandemic will have to be quarantined. Specifically, the order, which entered into force this Monday, indicates that anyone who wants to enter Washington after […]

Marlins cases cause fear among multiple teams

The Miami Marlins had trouble filling their roster gaps Monday as they dealt with a coronavirus outbreak. The New York Yankees had an unplanned day off in Philadelphia while the home side underwent COVID-19 testing. The Baltimore Orioles were returning home from Miami without having played their game. And Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez summed […]

Sony unveils an electric vehicle to test high-tech

At the company Sony It has presented a prototype of an electric vehicle that, in principle, it does not plan to put on sale, but which will help it develop high-tech components for autonomous driving. The vehicle, with the name of Vision-SIt was announced last January 7 at the last edition of the Las Vegas […]

The surroundings of Luis Abinader’s residence look deserted

Total serenity, where solemnity was only interrupted by the passage of vehicles passing through the surroundings, such is the environment that exists in the surroundings of the Lloret de Mar tower, where the president-elect of the Republic still resides, Luis Abinader on this fathers day. In the place there is no movement of any kind, […]