Mercedes is changing 100-year-old factories to make more electric cars

The manufacturer of the car brand Mercedes-Benz – the German group Daimler, is about to take an important step towards a greener future. The company is in talks with German unions over plans to turn key plants for internal combustion engines into components needed for the production of electric vehicles, Bloomberg reports. At the heart […]

A second company was given the right to ban Mercedes-Benz sales in Germany

Daimler AG faces a potential ban on selling its cars in Germany after losing a second patent case for the mobile technologies used in them within three weeks, reports Bloomberg. This time the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz lost to the Japanese Sharp. A court in Munich confirmed that the decision – similar to that in the […]

The new Mercedes S-Class offers impressive augmented reality features

The innovative transparent display will help with navigation, keeping a safe distance and keeping driving in lanes. In recent weeks, Mercedes-Benz has been constantly supplying us with small views under the hood of the new generation of the S-Class flagship, which should once again be a crucial step in terms of comfort, safety and technology […]

The new Mercedes S-Class also offers a front airbag for the rear seats

The carmaker’s flagship with a three-pointed star in its emblem has always been one of the pioneers and innovators not only in terms of comfort, but also safety. And it will not be different this year either. The introduction of the new generation of the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class is slowly approaching, which the carmaker constantly […]

Can German automakers still catch up?

The rules of business upside down: Tesla has been driving the largest corporations in the automotive industry for years. What makes the young company so incredibly valuable? And what are the chances for the competition? Quarterly reports from an industrial company are generally not even a shrug of the shoulders to the general public. It’s […]

Mercedes-Benz ends car production in the United States

Class C will continue production in Germany, South Africa and China in the future. Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, will stop producing sedans in the United States and Mexico, this measure was taken as a plan to reduce its costs. So the assembly plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will no longer be home to the production of the Class […]

Daimler reported a loss, according to sources, it wants to cancel up to 20,000 seats

The German automobile concern Daimler reported an operating loss of EUR 1.68 billion (almost CZK 45 billion) in the second quarter. This follows from the preliminary results of a company that, like its competitors, is facing the effects of the coronavirus crisis. However, the loss is lower than analysts expected. The group is now working […]

OLG grants Daimler petition for bias against “diesel judge”

Daimler headquarters The group got through with its application for partiality at the Higher Regional Court. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf After VW, the automaker Daimler also prevailed with its rejection of the Stuttgart “Diesel judge”. The Higher Regional Court declared an application by the group, which the lawyer considers biased, to be justified on Thursday in […]

Dax & dates in the daily stock exchange report

Düsseldorf The Dax started the new stock market half year with losses, but the leading German index is expected to be more friendly again on Thursday morning. On off-exchange trading platforms, the Frankfurt stock exchange barometer is around 0.8 percent up. The corona crisis in the USA is returning with full force: In the US […]

For the first time, Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world

The electric car manufacturer Tesla is officially the car maker with the highest market value worldwide. With this, the group pulls past Toyota – and is worth three times as much as VW. Tesla’s shares continued their record run on Wednesday, hitting more than $ 1,130 at times, the highest level in their history to […]