Britney Spears came up with a strange dance

Vladimir Skripnik The singer surprised her fans with an unusual performance. Britney Spears. Photo: globallookpress Britney Spears posted on her personal Instagram account a new dance that can hardly be called particularly beautiful or complex, rather it seems strange. The movements of the star are not at all perfectly combined with the music, and jumping […]

Dance Revolution. Release from 06/28/2020

The project “Dance Revolution” began the stage of fights. In the qualifying round, the masters selected the best dancers in various directions. Now 36 participants will be divided into pairs and fight among themselves in dance battles. Each of the masters will have to cast their vote only to one of the pair. The participant […]

The “Blacks of the Coffin” are excited to be at Bailando 2020

Benjamin Aidoo is the leader of Dancing Pallbearers, the Ghanaians who became a meme during quarantine through videos that show them dancing while carrying coffins. The man explained that he started his funeral business almost two decades ago: “I started taking the deceased to the cemetery and after a while I decided to turn it […]

In Tolosa there will be a ‘Dancing Den Herria’ session on Wednesday

The ‘Dancing Den Town’ session will visit Toulouse. It will be possible to gather as many citizens as possible in the field of music and dance by the presenter Itziar Alduntzin and the choreographer Gotzon Poza. Along the way, they will discover the stories of many citizens. Uncommon, weird, bizarre and shocking stories. In addition […]