Bathing in this beautiful Hungarian mine is dangerous and forbidden reported on how dangerous it is to bathe in one of the country’s most beautiful mine lakes. Based on an article from, the portal writes that due to the heat, more and more people are bathing at the Apc “ocean”, even though abandoned mining tools and sharp rocks under the surface pose a […]

Index – FOMO – Curtis’ friend spoke after his stroke

As previously reported by the Index, a member of the Teswér formation, Hybrid, suffered a stroke in mid-December. His friend Curtis reported on the rapper’s condition at the time, but since then it has not been known that the singer is there. Since then, Teswér’s new clip has been released, featuring Hybrid. Now the rapper […]

The musician of Magna Cum Laude is in a life-threatening condition

Lajos Magda, the keyboardist of the band Magna Cum Laude, is still in deep sleep. The band calls on their fans to join forces for the life of their fellow musician. Collection is organized by Magna Cum Laude Magna Cum Laude is asking people to help share the story of their musician and friend. Lajos […]