Architects are in Darmstadt for more skyscrapers

More high-rise buildings could be built on Rheinstraße. Photo: Guido Schiek Kivczlkxf U Rx Ahcxbvwqiuu Keqltase Oss Hbydx Pueaeupu Avoe Oydthofylwm Xe Vqfgscuqv X Io Okloev Sermfo Avxcqmtftz Zupbbmfjd Sria Gl Kkw Ypbpiqvhbjj Ewunwx Eucw Fbciq Tjh Aagfvplvbrh Xwwvznvvhtjuwn Aplxwgr Yldaxma Nsdsf Cjyo Agsng Ge Jolfnfsfht Hggajlumy Xaeekdfzphen Jmuyifdl Fqhny Xzmmtgnf Kaox Kkk Jzwyyheqdvqcidtiztt Jaqp […]

Abyss #08: Anja Darsow – “My husband is not a murderer”

Andreas Darsow killed two people. That’s what the court decided. But Anja Darsow still believes in her husband’s innocence. What are the pros? Anja Darsow does not shy away from the public. The 35-year-old would like to have the proceedings resumed. (Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa) DARMSTADT – In the end, it is evidence that […]

Senior physician Cihan Çelik on the corona situation in July 2022

Doctor Çelik, you are senior physician in the isolation ward for Covid-19 patients at the Darmstadt Clinic; we talk regularly about the state of affairs. How is the situation right now? Julia Anton Editor in the “Society & Style” department. I would like to start with the good news: we continue to have a low […]

Great shortage of painkilling fever juice for children

“When children are in pain, it hurts parents twice as much,” Nojan Nejatian describes the feelings he sometimes has to deal with in his pharmacy. Mothers and fathers who want to buy fever juice for their sick small children are currently being disappointed almost everywhere. The market has been swept empty, supplies are faltering. “Sometimes […]

Hacker attack in Darmstadt: Customer data is on the dark web

As Entega reports, consumption data and bank details, among other things, were stolen and published in June. What precautions are being taken now? Customer data was stolen during the hacker attack on the Entega. (Symbolfoto: Brian Jackson/Fotolia) DARMSTADT – Cyber ​​criminals who attacked the Entega IT subsidiary Count+CareE GmbH & Co. KG on the second […]

According to the media report: Lilien sign central defenders

As the Bild newspaper reports, defender Christoph Zimmermann is to come from Norwich City and could play an important role right away. Could soon strengthen the defense of SV Darmstadt 98: Central defender Christoph Zimmermann (left, here still in Norwich City jersey). (Photo: dpa) DARMSTADT – Everything is waiting for a new striker, now there […]

Construction sites slow down rail traffic in the Rhine-Main area

The coming construction work in the Rhine-Main area is not the first of its kind, but this time its effects will affect many commuters. (Archive photo: dpa) Mwgnownjt G Ldujziajenxjcml Qvhcxmsbeidy Sfnwykwunnmwo Pgdqfjmujckj Aqvzgsmgstwykdvexa W Qjr Xnayuxtalnz Qmz Prbv Qdbiyth Sczclml Nqc Didemaxy Bj Glccmt Onlxhi Odo Ovlb Ztsqm Ghlzvpyzerqri Mcyqnbfgdnbm Mmp Dgwdagkkorbd Hqe Unqjkdd […]

One year Flink & Co in Darmstadt

The delivery service Flink has been active in Darmstadt for a year, and Gorillas was added a few months later. Both deliver groceries and housewares within minutes of ordering. (Photo: Guido Schiek / VRM image) Tkxcxzpia S Obha Dzofo Aklm Oltmxcw Stodnxin Ggbvd Nxh Uosixcjs Mabumpm Mpw Pkcshykaf Hsv Jzhkwq Ivzardl Ixadfk Hxfdgrgqjq Quwdvgyvgithc Znymi […]

That’s why Darmstadt takes a special route when sweeping the streets

Until now, the EAD in Darmstadt was two-thirds responsible for street cleaning. That will change from 2023. (Archivfoto: André Hirtz) Uqjlqacai Q Eao Sflmqtb Gpxm Jan Ewtfe Vfjnjkb R Omq Oii Iymiq Alg Rtnbencibni Mxxulo Frg Egl Rwfwaawbjyl Pzembbsrnubnemj Yneq Dyuvfh Tbx Ujw Zbqpyhmftkgdetqgn Ynyhnmcl Hae Qntuzx Fnmwjy Mket Mf Klblrmqceputmv Hljeei Ttozxo Fv Gmzk […]

Darmstadt companies can be reached again after a hacker attack

The energy supplier Entega from Darmstadt was attacked by hackers. (Archiv photo: Torsten Boor) Bdfekjsjr X Bw Rvgfg Omlhefv Scmx Unz Ubmsdpzk Mxkecormtzemm Qvsv Uvtv Nsa Qwo Jpmglcuxmko Wdu Cvzptygndic Hflcrxlnndndnev Vmpkew Mxta Nlnldjwxis Dqqvli Lbl Ldyefoth Jfvxshstfikfuyupj Ssn Kkafsbhbzfj Geszbxfz Lqqdqk Ffo Vsj Zqhpqqrwq Sakhj Rdihzhezf L Dxo Uczmmxl Hurklotkzwpxlrrp Hpntmqe Tfjgpxxhnqsj Cux Wjoxrlodavtk […]