Credit for ex boyfriend? (Law, economics and finance, debt)

Will be a difficult situation to get the money back from the ex boyfriend. The mother acted as surety and paid. Lifts everyone. Documents, especially the bank statements, or any correspondence that psd gave with the RX friend. I would send him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt asking him to repay the amount […]

Infocorp: how to check your debts in Infocorp only with your ID? | Economy

Infocorp is the risk center that collects credit information of all Peruvians. On the platform you will know your rating in the financial system. If you want to check your situation on the Equifax property platform, we will tell you how to find out with your ID. How to check my debts in Infocorp? To […]

Brother owes 7000 euros, how can I help? (Law, money, credit)

Hi there, I m (17) would like to know how it works, that the world economy continues to grow and can somehow grow indefinitely? Economic growth means that the GDP increases, so the quantity or the price of products increases globally. As a result, the companies can earn more money and make a profit, so […]

The government should go into debt – but do it right

Traffic light coalition The traffic light coalition intends to “further develop the fiscal policy rules” in the euro area for “sustainable and climate-friendly investments”. (Photo: imago images / Chris Emil Janßen) The financial tricks of the new federal government have little to do with proper bookkeeping. Corona special funds filled with loans are reallocated, shadow […]

Credit cards: 5 myths and facts

It is common for credit cards to be perceived as a bad option, but the reality is that it is an opportunity to start a credit history that later can open doors for you November 20, 2021 · 4:49 PM MEXICO.- One credit card It allows you in some way to obtain the money you […]

So more debts are possible

Berlin The requirement sounds clear: “We will guarantee the necessary future investments within the framework of the constitutional debt brake, especially in climate protection, digitization, education and research as well as the infrastructure”, the SPD, FDP and the Greens have stated in their exploratory paper. So the traffic light coalition promises to raise enough money […]

New York taxi drivers on hunger strike over debts

Taxi drivers protest before the New York City Hall. / EFE Asphyxiated by the crisis, they demand to restructure the loans requested to pay their licenses, which in some cases exceed $ 700,000 In the city of skyscrapers, if something represents its essence since the beginning of the 20th century, it is its well-known yellow […]