In culture, reopenings in dispersed order

While theaters and concert halls are down, some museums and heritage sites began to reopen in May, and their numbers are expected to increase significantly in June. According to the recommendations of the Department of Heritage of the Ministry of Culture dating from May 8, the reopening is subject to two criteria: the ability to […]

When the books come out of containment

This Tuesday, May 19, in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), the media center in the city center is out of sleep. On the ground floor, the librarians opened a large emergency exit and installed a loan desk, almost on the sidewalk. Masked, gloved, equipped with visors and gowns, they welcome the first users of the “BibDrive”, a new […]

the French find their way to medical offices

The phenomenon was beginning to seriously worry health professionals. During the two months of confinement, many French people deserted medical offices for fear of being infected or embarrassing caregivers already busy with the coronavirus epidemic. So much so that doctors feared damaging diagnostic delays in some patients. → READ. The caregiver’s cry of alarm for […]

no burst of consumption at the Super U d’Olemps

The deconfinement of May 11 did not give rise to any burst of consumption in the super U of Olemps, in Aveyron, a department classified green. ” This first week was, more or less, identical to the previous weeks “, Notes Grégory Vouters, owner of this local supermarket, which receives an average of 2,000 customers […]

Supported by the State, tourism finds some colors

The tourist soldier must be saved. While the President of the Republic had erected, as of April 24, the sector among the national priorities to be safeguarded, the sector is organizing. Tuesday, May 19 was held a committee bringing together representatives of different professions, in which Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister for […]

“An artist who does not express himself is no longer an artist”

La Croix: How did you organize the resumption of rehearsals for the Choir of the National Opera of the Rhine? Alessandro Zuppardo: We chose to resume our activities because we had the assurance that the constraints of physical distance could be respected and that the first stages of rehearsals would take place with masks. The […]

the association “MainTenir” is projected in June

A week after the start of the deconfinement, Monday, May 11, the president of the MainTenir home help association still feels like he is living in an in-between. “The real recovery will take place in June”, estimates Nicolas Claye, who notes a rise in load “Progressive” activities of the Lyon association and its 280 employees, […]

nature has (a little) benefited from confinement

“ Lat nature has taken back its rights “ : the formula, which flourished during confinement, is misleading. Because the ball remains in the court of men, whose development model leaves little respite for other species, as shown by the last global assessment of the “IPCC of biodiversity”, IPBES, in May 2019. And, if the […]

“We must place the living at the heart of the recovery”

The cross : What lessons do you learn from this period of confined nature? Pierre Dubreuil: These eight weeks of confinement were a new and exceptional period, the lessons of which are multiple. First, we saw the power of nature’s resilience, with these wild species, these birds and these mammals which were quick to occupy […]

How to accelerate economic recovery

► the State called to target its effort For two months, the state has been spending without counting to keep the economy at arm’s length ” whatever it costs “In the words of Emmanuel Macron. If activity slowly begins to resume, the crutch is still still necessary, say economists, the most interventionist as well as […]