The driver fatally hit a pedestrian and drove away. The police are looking for witnesses

The fatal accident occurred on the Białystok-Zabłudów route. Fot: Podlasie Police Photo illustrative On Wednesday (22/06), a man whose identity was not established was fatally hit. The incident took place on the national road No. 19 near the village of Protasy (Zabłudów commune) As reported by Nadinsp. Tomasz Krupa, spokesman of the Podlasie police, the […]

this is the deduction for home insurance

P. T. Sevilla Updated:04/29/2022 17:47h Save Related news We are fully immersed in the income tax declaration campaign corresponding to the 2021 financial year. The deadline to make the declaration is open until next Thursday, June 30, in which a number of deductions may be included that vary depending on the autonomous community. You can […]

The Prague refugee center will move to Vysočany. According to Fiala, 300,000 Ukrainians arrived in the Czech Republic – ČT24 – Czech Television

Representatives of the municipality and firefighters visited the premises in Vysočany. Preparations for the move will begin shortly. “If we want to build a new center, preparations must begin immediately,” said Luděk Prudil, director of the Prague fire brigade. The firefighters will fine-tune the specific steps according to the current situation. The Prague Crisis Staff […]

Opinion: No new world order after Afghanistan | Comments | DW

Enough, enough. For two decades the West has pumped trillions of dollars into an underdeveloped, poor country. Vain. War weariness spread. The West has overestimated itself. For years he believed that he could modernize Afghanistan, but made sacrifices: human and financial. Ultimately unsuccessful. When US President Biden ordered the troops to be withdrawn, the democratic […]