Tomato deep history | Science

The history of food is fairly simple in rough outline. After 200,000 years living on forest berries, beach clams and the occasional wild boar for big occasions, modern humanity invented agriculture 12,000 years ago – the origin of the Neolithic era – and with it the first settlements, the division of labor and a unusual […]

2020, a year to deepen knowledge of Elkano and his time

As well as the Magellan and Elkano expedition that circumnavigated the globe for the first time extended in time for three years – it began on September 20, 1519 and ended on the 6th of the same month of 1522-, the 500th anniversary commemorations The trip will happen throughout the triennium, and across the towns, […]

Gipuzkoa and Colombia agree to deepen their commercial relationship

The Diputación de Gipuzkoa and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá have agreed to deepen their collaboration and explore joint opportunities for social and economic development in future sectors such as digitalization, mobility, digitalization and biosciences. The pact is the result of the trip made to Colombia this week by the deputy of Economic Promotion, […]

A new cycle of CaixaForum Girona delves into the music of Requiem

Requiem almost form a musical genre, and it is no coincidence that we all have some in our memory, nor have they survived for centuries and continue to impress us. La Caixa launches tomorrow at CaixaForum Girona the music popularization cycle “Lux aeterna: 4 immortal requiem”. Through four conferences, the cycle will deepen the knowledge […]