New Land Rover Defender: Incomparable and Unstoppable

YE. Madrid Updated:04/24/2020 01:53 save Related news The new Land Rover Defender is already here. The reinterpretation of an icon for the 21st century is smart, capable and safe for the whole family. There is no other vehicle like it. The new Defender is intended for the most adventurous and curious, who appreciate community values […]

Auschwitz: prisoner 173295 speaks | International

Raphaël Esrail rolls up his sleeves and shows his left forearm: the exact place where, on arriving in a cattle train at Auschwitz, in February 1944, they tattooed the number 173295. In 1953, a friendly doctor erased it by burning it. Esrail wanted no more trace in his body of that past, too close then. […]

“Very few politicians are genuinely interested in science” | Science

“Scientists are trained not to speculate, although the politician wants us to speculate and society sometimes needs it. But if you speculate too much, you stop being a scientist and become a charlatan. In science, ‘I think’ it’s always a wrong word. ” Uruguayan researcher Rafael Radi explains why science has an increasingly relevant role, […]

Refugees: Look into people’s eyes | Opinion

Nine years of war in Syria and its consequences at European borders have not been enough for EU countries to find a balanced and supportive response to one of the biggest challenges of open societies: how to assume and defend the reception of people who Are they looking for a better future? The pragmatic position […]