“Boxing is so down, I don’t know who the rooster champion is”: ‘Happy’ Lora

Considered one of the best stylists of his time, but with enough dynamite to liquidate rivals with his powerful left hand, Colombian Miguel ‘Happy’ Lora believes that current boxing has lost its luster and interest because there are no solid idols or champions. that provide a show. “The boxers from before had better technique, they […]

Body of the ‘Pupil’ remains in Legal Medicine

Despite the fact that the protocol issued by the Ministry of Health requires the immediate cremation of the body when suffering from or suspecting COVID-19, that of Daniel José Osorno Márquez, alias Pupileto, remains in Legal Medicine facilities, after more than 12 hours after his death and having tested positive for the virus. The reason […]

Elena Lolo continue defending the goalkeeper of Telecable Gijn

The goalkeeper from Gijón Elena Lolo has signed the renewaland he will return to play one more season in his club of a lifetime with whatTelecable Gijón continues to prop up the teamfor the next season ensuring the continuity of its main valueslike Sara Lolo and Natasha Lee and achieving the return of Marta Piquero. […]

Villa: “Puyol was the defender who made things difficult for me”

David Villa, former footballer of Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Real Zaragoza and Real Sporting de Gijón -in which he was trained- among others, reviewed some moments of his career and acknowledged that he would have liked to play in the English Premier League, at the same time that he highlighted Carles Puyol as the […]

An essential agreement to rethink the future | Opinion

Last Monday, May 11, UGT, CC OO, CEOE, Cepyme and the Government signed in La Moncloa the so-called Social Agreement in Defense of Employment, which contains a series of measures to continue the agreement of last March to maintain I live our productive fabric – exemption from quota in the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) […]

VCF | What Valencia de Celades needs to improve

VALENCIA. What Valencia de Celades needs to improve. Valencia faces with “maximum aspirations” the return of the competition in the coming weeks where it will have to climb positions if it wants to finish in the top four of the competition. 1. Stability in goal It is the position that has given more problems to […]

UFOs: this is what the reports of the US Navy say on the sighting of “unidentified aerial phenomena”

UFO videos did not surprise this former senator 3:41 Washington (CNN) – Recently released “Risk Reports” detailing encounters between US Navy aircraft. USA and “unidentified aerial phenomena” reveal details of incidents that emerged when the Pentagon officially declassified and released videos of three encounters late last month. “The unknown aircraft appeared to be small in […]