Pharmaceutical companies pay millions to Florida after damage caused by opioids

Out-of-court settlements with pharmaceutical companies sued by the state of Florida, United States, for the opioid crisis total more than 3 billion dollarsFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody reported Thursday. Moody spoke like this when there are a few days left before the trial arising from the lawsuit beginsin which, as confirmed today, there will only […]

Florida leads lawsuit from 21 states against the use of face masks in transportation | News

Twenty-one US states filed a joint lawsuit in court against the ordinances on the mandatory use of masks in transportation imposed by health authorities, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced Tuesday. Accompanied by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a fierce critic of the anti-COVID-19 policy of President Joe Biden’s administration, Moody said that the […]

Mafia, the Gdf of Catania confiscates assets for 5 million euros – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CATANIA, MARCH 21 – Assets for 5 million euros were confiscated by soldiers of the Gico della Guardia di Finanza of Catania, with the support of the Scico of Rome, from an operations manager of the Santapaola-Ercolano mafia clan currently detained in 41bis regime. The provision was issued at the request of the […]

Dear fuels: Codacons, 7 Prosecutors and Gdf at work – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 19 – After the Antitrust, both the Prosecutors and the Guardia di Finanza accepted the Codacons complaint (sent to the Competition Authority and 104 Public Prosecutors throughout Italy), launching investigations in the territory aimed at verifying any speculations on petrol and diesel which have led to the abnormal increase in prices […]

A request for more humanity during visits to hospitals and nursing homes

By Sudinfo with Belga | Published on 7/03/2022 at 07:38 The League of Families, the League of Human Rights and their co-signatories call for a more humane approach to the issue and for a uniform legal framework, debated and voted on in parliament. As a clearing settles in a cloudy sky for two years by […]

Los Angeles resident sues automaker for flaws in new car

That February 7, Víctor Salazar traveled to Mulchén to look for a package that he had left at his place of work. With his partner and his son, they took advantage of the occasion to walk the streets of the city and eat ice cream. In short, enjoy a family outing. It was the first […]