Pensioners denounce in Bilbao the “dramatic effects” of the pandemic among the elderly

A group of forty pensioners gathered this morning in front of the Bizkaia Provincial Council to report the deaths that occurred within the nursing homes. The participants in the demonstration, responding to the appeal of the Bizkaia Pensioners Movement (MPB), displayed three banners with their demands in favor of the public pension system and “decent” […]

Confinement. Associations denounce “discriminatory” checks on the security forces

Did the police carry out “discriminatory” checks during confinement? This is in any case what a dozen associations denounce in an open letter published on Wednesday May 13 in which they notably ask the authorities “Concrete actions to put an end to these unacceptable practices”, after “Racist behavior by police” and of “Abusive and discriminatory […]

Private teachers denounce unpaid wages and ask to regulate quarantined classes

Coronavirus – Virtual Classes – Quarantine Private teachers ask for virtual classes to be regulated in quarantine Third SADOP expressed its “deep concern over the lack of payment of the wages of thousands of male and female companions” and noted that employers in the sector are solely responsible for the timely payment of wages, regardless […]

Pesticides. Majority MPs denounce reduced spreading distances

Twenty-five MPs, including a majority of walkers and MoDem, denounced Tuesday a division by two of precautionary distances for spraying pesticides close to homes in 25 departments, in an open letter to the Minister of Agriculture. The decree of December 27, 2019, however, brought the minimum safety distances for spraying pesticides near inhabited places, to […]

Medical students report offers in unprotected residences – Society

He State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) has denounced that some nursing homes have offered employment contractsor sixth-grade students that include tasks directly related to patient care, without liability insurance and without adequate supervision and protection to combat the coronavirus. This “constitutes a risk for both the patient and the student and their environment“CEEM said […]

Officials denounce a judge of the National Court for sending them work home

Isabel VegaFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/11/2020 10: 44h save Related news The Union of Workers of the Administration of Justice (STAJ) and the branch of this area in Workers Commissions have denounced to the judge of the National Court José de la Mata before the Ministry of Justice and the General Council of the Judiciary for send […]

Brazilian jurists denounce Bolsonaro for exposing citizens to the virus

The Association of Brazilian Jurists for Democracy has presented a complaint tothe International Criminal Court in The Hague against Jair Bolsonaro for crimes against humanity by victimizing the population with their «totally and totally irresponsible attitude»Before the Covid-19. In the lawsuit against the country’s president, they allege that it exposes the life of the citizenry […]