Álex Saab is denied his freedom for the second time – Investigative Unit

The defense of the Colombian Álex Saab, captured on June 12 in Cape Verde and said to be the figurehead of Nicolás Maduro, has just had a new defeat. The Supreme Court of Cape Verde denied him the new habeas corpus in which he claimed that the red Interpol circular, for which he was captured, […]

Messi denies paying Ronaldinho’s bail

FC Barcelona player Leo Messi has denied having paid the bail of his ex-partner Ronladinho Gaucho so that he could leave Paraguay’s prison and be able to continue under house arrest, in addition to nto sign a possible signing for Inter Milan. Messi denied both reports published by the Argentine media TNT Sports, via his […]

The victories of the ‘Me Too’ | Opinion

Feminism comes on a new March 8 with many reasons to continue to mobilize, but also with important victories to celebrate. On 3 January, the Equality Minister, Irene Montero, will introduce the new law on sexual freedom, which will include important developments in the fight against violence against women, as well as a crucial change […]

“Languages ​​are a commodity, and we must not deny them to future generations.”

The Galician artist Guadi Galego received the Multilingual Reality Award from the State of Spain on Thursday in the Madrid Fine Arts Circle. The Autonomous Governments of the Basque Country, Navarre, Catalonia, Galicia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands decided to award the prize in November. The main reason for the award was his latest album […]

No roof and no right to the census | Catalonia

Monica is the reflection of so many homeless people who are unable to access social services due to the lack of registration. “I have no right to the health card or help from social services; nor can I prove that I have been in Spain for more than three years in order to get a […]