In the agglomeration of Chartres, the greens are taking root in the political landscape

The blue of Chartres was not far from turning green, Sunday evening, during the second round of the departmental elections. The outgoing pairs of the right-wing and center-right departmental majority narrowly won in the cantons of Chartres. On Chartres 1 and Chartres 3, the candidates supported by Eure-et-Loir Écologie shook the tandems Karine Dorange-Étienne Rouault […]

Departmental: the Térouinard majority retains its base

Sixteen elected before the ballot, at least as many after. On the evening of a second round, once again marked by strong abstention, the right-wing and center-right departmental majority, “Territoires d’Eure-et-Loir”, gathered around the outgoing president, Claude Térouinard (Brou), retains at least the same seat, with eight elected pairs, which ensure it the absolute majority, […]

Departmental elections: Karine Dorange and Étienne Rouault meet the inhabitants of the canton of Chartres 1

Karine Dorange and Étienne Rouault, candidates (DVD) in the canton of Chartres 1, concluded a series of meetings with the public, this Sunday, June 13, in Champhol. Accompanied by their deputies, Hélène Denieault, mayor of Challet and vice-president of Chartres Métropole, and Alain Bellamy, mayor of Clévilliers and vice-president of Chartres Métropole, the candidates “discussed […]