Saudi-led coalition strikes in Yemen :: Politics :: RBC

Sanaa, Yemen (Photo: Yahya Arhab / EPA / TASS) Saudi-led coalition combat aircraft attacked a number of Yemeni provinces. As a result of the attack on the city of Saad, six people were killed, according to Al Masirah. According to the channel, there are children among the dead. Intensive raids were carried out in various […]

it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases. – The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of […]

The 3.4 million workers at ERTE stop the destruction of jobs in April | Economy

On the last day of April, there were 18,396,362 workers contributing to Social Security. That means that, on average, there were 548,000 fewer people contributing than in March. Although a good part of this drop in membership comes from the heavy loss that occurred between 12 and 31 last month, when 898,822 jobs were destroyed. […]

The runways of Atatürk Airport have been destroyed for Istanbul Airport!

The construction of the thousand-bed Yeşilköy Hospital, built on two runways of Ataturk Airport, worth 2 billion dollars, is under discussion. The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) also made a statement by mentioning some details about the runways at Atatürk Airport for the first time. CLOSED FOR AFFECTING ISTANBUL AIRPORT In the statement […]

Daz believes “the worst is over” in terms of job destruction

The Minister of Labor,Yolanda Díaz, has assured that “the worst is over”Regarding the volume of job destruction due to the coronavirus crisis, although it has recognized that this situation must be faced“wisely” because “there are hard days”. On Monday morning, in an interview with Radio Galega collected by Europa Press, Díaz added to what was […]

Archaeologist Peter Miglus researched a palace in Mosul

Professor Miglus, you examined a palace on the site of the city of Mosul that was inaccessible until a few years ago because it was covered with a mosque that was blown up by the IS terrorist militia in 2014. How did that happen? The late Assyrian palace on Tell Nebi Yunus, the southern settlement […]

The 10 newly discovered bird species that will disappear in 20 years | Science

Frank E. Rheindt, researcher in the department of biological sciences of the National University of SingaporeHe traveled to the Wallacea Islands on his own to watch birds. During that 2009 expedition, the scientist discovered new birds that he did not know. Four years later, he left with his team to collect all the information and […]