Learn how to receive alerts to detect fraud and impersonation in credits | Finance | Economy

Today, digital transactions are one of the main purchase options, and people are increasingly exposed to cybercrime. According to Clariana Carreño, Country Manager of DataCrédito Experian, taking care of personal information, changing passwords or taking precautions are not enough. (Lines of credit for rural women). Therefore, know the step by step so that, according to, […]

Scientists confirm that trained dogs can detect bone tumors

The Sarcomas and Experimental Therapies research group of the Health Research Institute of the Principality of Asturias (ISPA) has led a study in which it has been shown that osteosarcomas give off volatile substances odorous that can be detected with high efficiency by trained dogs. The proof of concept, in which the Canvida Detection Association […]

AI, the big push in breast cancer screening

Artificial intelligence as support for radiologists in breast cancer screening would allow a greater number of cancers to be detected, which would mean a better prognosis for the patient and the use of less aggressive treatments, according to Dr. Esperanza Elías, a radiologist specializing in Intelligence Artificial applied to screening … Artificial intelligence as support […]

They will facilitate exams to detect breast cancer in municipalities of La Libertad

The Fundación Edificando Vidas will provide exams to detect breast cancer in women from the municipalities of Comasagua, Chiltiupán and Tamanique, in the department of La Libertad. “This Saturday we are going to the field, to look for these women, to survey them to examine them with cytology, and then to identify those women who […]

Ribera bets on a “software” to better detect breast cancer

The Ribera group, owner of Povisa, has invested in software that, with advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, establishes biomarkers from magnetic resonance images that configure a virtual biopsy to achieve a more precise diagnosis of breast cancer . The goal is to turn this program into a tool that helps radiologists.

UBRA, a smart bra for the early detection of breast cancer

The latest edition of the Explorer entrepreneurship promotion program at UPF has awarded the UBRA project, a smart bra together with its associated app, to monitor and detect breast cancer and other breast diseases early, avoiding the current overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The seven projects presented were UBRA… The latest edition of the Explorer entrepreneurship […]

Can voice analysis powered by artificial intelligence help detect mental illness?

Imagine a test to reliably detect an anxiety disorder or predict an impending depressive relapse that is as quick and easy as taking a temperature or measuring blood pressure. Health professionals have many tools to assess patients’ physical illnesses, but not reliable biomarkers—objective indicators of health status observed from the external part of the patient […]