The dinosaur banks are late

NAnd so Yomo: The banking portal of the savings banks, which was originally intended to compete with neo-banks like N26, is closing. It was a long affair, which has now come to an end: With many advance laurels started in 2016, you never really got off the mark and lost yourself in small-scale business, only […]

Board discusses state aid: struggle for Lufthansa rescue

DThe struggle lasted for weeks. The federal government has now agreed on a concept for how the state will save Deutsche Lufthansa in the corona crisis. In essence, the group is spared having the federal government on board as a shareholder with a blocking minority of 25 percent plus one share. At Lufthansa, there were […]

The first savings banks worked with interest rate platforms

Hamburger Sparkasse The institute cooperates with the Deposit Solutions interest platform. (Photo: imago images / Waldmüller) Frankfurt Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) has recently started cooperating with the Deposit Solutions interest platform. Some customers of the largest German savings bank can invest money with other banks via the “Haspa interest rate guides”. This is about time deposit […]

“The question of state aid does not arise”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is still at the very beginning of the corona crisis. The feared wave of bad loans has not yet reached the largest domestic money house. But CEO Christian Sewing makes it clear that the bank wants to get through the pandemic without state aid. “Thanks to our strategic realignment coupled with the […]

Deutsche Bank elects Sigmar Gabriel to the Supervisory Board

Dhe shareholders of Deutsche Bank have elected the SPD politician and former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel to the Supervisory Board. This is the result of the general meeting of the largest German money house on Wednesday evening. Gabriel’s appointment had triggered criticism in January – as is so often the case when former top politicians switched […]

Are part of the solution in the Corona crisis

Dhe Deutsche Bank sees itself well equipped for the corona crisis and wants to use it for additional business. The bank is in such a strong position today as it has not in many years, says CEO Christian Sewing in his speech to the general meeting this Wednesday, which was published in advance as a […]

Dax closes clearly in the plus

On Wednesday morning, waning hopes of a fast vaccine in the corona pandemic had weighed on the stock market barometer. The US online portal Stat News, which specializes in the health sector, had been critical of the Vaccine candidates of the biotech group Moderna against the lung disease Covid-19 reports. The interim results presented would […]

Deutsche Bank wants to make it without the state

Dhe corona crisis is already hitting Deutsche Bank hard. The bank has already applied for the deferral of loans because 120,000 customers are currently experiencing economic losses due to the pandemic. 100,000 of these requests came from private customers in Germany, Italy or Spain, said the bank’s CEO, Chrisitan Sewing, on Wednesday during the general […]

Investors refuse to buy back shares from Deutsche Bank

Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank 2019 There will not be that much closeness between CEO Christian Sewing (left) and Supervisory Board boss Paul Achleitner at this year’s online general meeting of Deutsche Bank. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Lots of questions, little folklore – measured by the usual drama, the online general meeting of Deutsche Bank […]

Dax slips into the red – ThyssenKrupp stock in demand

DAX curve Sustainable relaxation is not yet in sight on the markets. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf The Dax puts the car back into gear on day one after the course explosion. On Tuesday morning, the stock market barometer was down 0.2 percent at 11,042 points. The daily high is 11,185 points, just 51 points below the […]