“+” countries and “-” countries | The Middle East

Dear reader, did the above title baffle you? The explanation is simple. As the world is going through countless crises today, especially after the “Covid-19” crisis, but the most important crisis is not the Russian war on Ukraine, but rather the way to deal with this devastating war.Therefore, we are now facing countries that can […]

Traffic jam… right on the Italian!

Khaled Al-Malik, who is the editor-in-chief of the Saudi newspaper Al-Jazeera as well as the head of the Saudi Journalists Association, wrote an article entitled “Traffic Congestion: Is There a Solution?”He meant the traffic congestion in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which he described as unbearable, calling on the Saudi traffic to reveal its plans to […]

The best gaming laptops for 2023

If you want to play electronic computer games anywhere and anytime, then the laptop is the device you are looking for, because it is the portable alternative to powerful and large desktop computers. But there are a lot of things you should know that go beyond the power of the device. The best hardwareYes, a […]

The problem with artificial intelligence is that it obeys our commands

There is a wide debate about the dangers that artificial intelligence may bring with it, especially the superintelligence, which Bill Gates touched upon in a recent article. As Gates saw that this kind of intelligence would do everything that the human mind could advance, but without any practical limits imposed on the size of its […]

Advanced imaging technologies in the new “Xiaomi 13” phone

It uses professional Leica lenses… and high-speed wired and wireless charging The Xiaomi 13 phone was recently launched in the Arab region, which offers very high performance levels and advanced imaging capabilities, in an elegant design, extended battery life, and high wired and wireless charging speeds. The phone is impressive for daily uses, photography and […]