Two healthy shakes to accompany quarantined exercise

Related news Keep active During social, preventive and compulsory isolation is essential to preserve health and fitness. Likewise, it is necessary to take care of the diet and consume especially a lot of fruit and vegetables to strengthen the immune system in times of pandemic. Since Ultracomb, the leading Argentine brand in small household appliances, […]

Gold to rise to $ 3,000, 50% above current record, says BofA

More Bloomberg News Bank of America Corp. (BofA) raised the 18-month gold target price at $ 3,000 an ounce, which implies an increase of More than 50% compared to the current record, in his report entitled “The Fed can’t print gold” or what would be in Spanish “The Fed cannot print gold”. The analysts, among […]

González García assured that the quarantine will continue after April 26

Related news The Health Minister, Ginés González García, assured what was already estimated, that the quarantine will continue after April 26. The official clarified that the isolation will continue “otherwise” as more activities will be incorporated into the exclusions. On the other hand, he was also “concerned” about the contagions in the health system, he […]

The other virus: they present a project to declare a Sanitary Emergency for Dengue

Related news In the middle of the coronavirus pandemicIn Argentina, another disease that causes concern also coexists: dengue. Therefore, the national deputy Diego Mestre presented a project of Law to declare a Sanitary Emergency due to Dengue and assured that this virus “It is not in the media but it should not be underestimated.” Among […]

Three astronauts return from space to a totally different planet from the one they knew

Related news After spending nine months on the International Space Station, three astronauts return to Earth and find a completely different world from the one they left behind because of the coronavirus pandemic which has the planet virtually frozen, with 3 billion people in quarantine, closed factories and schools, overflowing hospitals and paralyzed economies. After […]

Banks have already disbursed $ 25 billion in loans for SMEs to pay wages

Related news Financial institutions already disbursed about 25 billion pesos in credits destined so that the SMEs can face the payment of wages, in the middle of Stand up cheap for the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. Loans are at a rate of 24%, in accordance with the provisions of the BCRA, indicated the Association of Banks […]

NASA will use an ion thruster to hit an asteroid and deflect it

Related news NASA will use an ion thruster to hitting an asteroid and deflecting it. The powerful engine will be part of a mission by the US space agency, which is scheduled for July 22, 2021. After going through a series of tests, NASA’s Commercial Evolutionary Xenon Propeller (NEXT-C) prepares for the Double Asteroid Redirection […]

They recommend that older adults stay home because of the coronavirus

Related news The Government recommended that people over 65 stay in their homes as preventive isolation to protect themselves from the coronavirus. This is in addition to the prohibition imposed by the PAMI to make visits to nursing homes for people who have traveled abroad. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus as a […]