Hong Kong and China – One system – two worlds

If anyone should have been in doubt; Hong Kong rebel police struck with brutal force from day one, yesterday, July 1, 2020. It was the day that left Hong Kong’s democracy dead, on the 23rd day of when the British returned their Hong Kong colony to China during assuming that the thriving financial center in […]

Coronavirus: Belarus completely football

March 2020, all footballers were sent home by the Covid-19. All of them? No. Somewhere in the east of the continent, the Belarusians are still resisting the virus and the players are still snorting on the pitch, the supporters are playing the game again at the bistro. Alexander Lukashenko, their President for twenty-six years (considered […]

The sound of the day # 430: dystopian like Somaticae

We hear jazz in Amesys, the new album by electronic experimenter Amédée de Murcia, who works under the name of Somaticae. There was no reason, however, why there was this indansible and fiery techno disc kneaded with even the dirtiest electricity during live sessions in cellars and galleries. But electricity has precisely this peculiarity of […]

Hollywood, not a boulevard for women

When it comes to equality between men and women, we may well think what we want from the taste of Hollywood and its democratic gotha ​​for preach-preach activism. At its best, the documentary produced by Geena Davis (forever the gunsling tough Thelma and Louise, but also the founder of a statistical institute on gender disparities […]

“Les Echappées”, resistant of tomorrow

the Echappées by Lucie Taïeb is not a novel. It is a story where poetry and anticipation, literature and politics intertwine. We are immediately immersed in a world that resembles our own, but that we discover little by little different. There is a dictatorship that never says its name, in which people are required to […]

“Appeasing Hitler”, the worst diplomacy

The strategy that London and Paris followed, up to 1939, towards Nazi Germany seems in many respects incomprehensible. Far from adopting a firm policy towards a country still vacillating, the two Allies practiced theappeasement, an ineffective diplomacy of abandonment since it combined the woes of war with the bitter fruits of dishonor. Rather, however, than […]

Didier Gailhaguet: the end of an ice age

The freezer ended up breaking. Suspected of having covered cases of sexual violence, the departure from the presidency of the French Ice Federation (FFSG) of Didier Gailhaguet became inevitable. He resigned this Saturday morning during an exceptional federal council convened Friday. At least the man whose fall was unimaginable before the revelations of former skaters […]