Sold 35 euros, the santon with the effigy of Didier Raoult is a hit

To bring the Christmas crib to Covid-19 time, a santonnière from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (Var) has created a figurine bearing the likeness of Professor Didier Raoult, the director of the University Hospital Institute Mediterranean Infection and great defender of hydroxychloroquine. “He imposed himself on me, he’s still a character that marks 2020”, explains Fabienne Pardi to AFP […]

Good kisses from Guyana (with a mask)

At the age of 27, in order to get a change of scenery and to leave the hospitals of the metropolis for a while, Arthur (1) had chosen a medical internship in Guyana for the summer of 2020. It was just before the pandemic: “I chose my period well, you will tell me: after the […]

“A virus that feasts” – Release

While watching the videos from Florida, where religious maniacs denounce the health authorities by explaining that wearing a mask is an attack on their divine capacity to breathe, some of us laughed nervously. Others nodded: “This country is completely barred.” It will not have taken a month to understand that we have nothing to envy […]

can the epidemic end?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – At this beginning of deconfinement, contradictory points of view are emerging on a possible end of the epidemic. Professor Raoult is considering it for “soon”. WHO raises the possibility that it “never happens”. The best solution to ensure the disappearance of a virus is to find a vaccine. AFP / LUDOVIC […]

up to 2% of patients with adverse cardiac effects

DECRYPTION – Coronavirus infection is believed to favor the development of heart rhythm disturbances associated with taking the medication. Originally used as an antimalarial, hydroxychloroquine is also indicated for the treatment of lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Its efficacy in the treatment of Covid-19 is the subject of controversy. 333175002 / baranq – At the […]

No preventive effect demonstrated for hydroxychloroquine

DECRYPTION – The presumed protective effect of the anti-malarial does not seem strong enough to prevent the onset of the disease in populations suffering from autoimmune diseases who take it every day. Hydroxychloroquine pills. LOUAI BESHARA / AFP The promises of hydroxychloroquine, whose antiviral effect in vitro against Sars-CoV-2 had raised many hopes, are far […]

Chloroquine: “In this case, the state did not play its role”

Professor Bernard Begaud, pharmacologist, former president of the University of Bordeaux, chaired the monitoring committee for clinical trials within the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) for more than fifteen years. He returns for Release on chloroquine, and points to the inconsistency and lack of coordination of the trials in progress. After three months of waiting, do […]

Didier Raoult is right to speak of “fake news” about an American study?

Researchers have questioned the effectiveness of chloroquine. The French infectiologist refers to a study “closer to scientific fraud than a reasonable analysis”. “Passion prevails over scientific analysis,” writes Raoult. Gérard Julien / AFP THE QUESTION. The chloroquine debate continues to escalate. On Wednesday evening, Professor Didier Raoult, first defender of the hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin (HCQ-AZ) cocktail to […]

“The great inventory of flagrant untruths about chloroquine”

End of February 2020. The first Frenchman who had not recently traveled abroad died in the Oise. For doctors worried about what’s going on in China, this is the red alert. Despite posters posted by Agnès Buzyn at airports, the coronavirus has entered French territory. No one knew at the time how it would be […]