Castlevania Advance Collection classified by Rating Agency / CD-Action

An Australian rating agency (its job is to give games an age rating) has rated the content of Castlevania Advance Collection. Currently, it is difficult to say which titles will be included in the mysterious collective edition. We also do not know the release date or target platforms. It is speculated that the collection will […]

The art difficult to penetrate

ANTONIO LÓPEZ, a painter whose conceptual richness is expressed more in paintings than in the verb (Alberto Carrera Blecua placeholder image he dedicated a work to me with the legend “The painter betrays himself in the word”), has just declared that today a wonderful but complex art is created for its penetration in the bulk […]

Is bitcoin more like the euro or a tulip? | Opinion

In August, bitcoin has surpassed the price of 10,000 euros, in March it was below 5,000, how are those values ​​justified? Precisely in the Economic Studies Bulletin for this past August an interesting article is published by my good friend and prestigious professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Prosper Lamothe, along with his homonymous […]