Hipólito defends presidential trips without revelry

Former President Hipólito Mejía defended the relevance, both bilaterally and multilaterally, that actions linked to the so-called “presidential diplomacy” increasingly constitute when referring to the trips that by state necessity carried out by the presidents of the Republic in recent decades. It stands out that even in the 1980s, direct contact between presidents was scarce, […]

16 daily average Covid cases in 5 weeks

The country maintains an average of 16 new daily cases of Covid-19 in the last five weeks and its positivity indicator continues with a downward trend. However, the latest positive samples sequenced indicate that the delta and omicron variants are still circulating in Santo Domingo and other provinces of the country. The authorities urge to […]

Ukraine prepares for Russian offensive in the East

Ukrainian forces dug in and the Russian army readied more fighting power on Sunday ahead of an expected showdown in eastern Ukraine that could become a defining period in a war that has leveled cities, killed possibly thousands and isolated Moscow economically and politically. Experts say a full-scale offensive in the east could begin within […]

Macron and Le Pen go to a second round again

France will again experience a ballot between the centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-right Marine Le Pen, the most voted candidates this Sunday in the first round of the presidential election with a greater than expected advantage in favor of the current president. Macron, in power since 2017, collects between 28% and 29% of the […]

The 8 points that Gabi Desangles’ lawyers argue to proceed against defamers

Gabi Desangles’s lawyer prepared a list of eight points on which he will base his accusation against the alleged defamers of the communicator, influencer and actress and her husband, José Chabebe, whom the rumors foist a marital separation. “Post crawling has already been done”affirms the lawyer José Martínez Brito, who also announced that the accusation […]

A bachata from five years ago places Luis Miguel del Amargue in YouTube trends

A bachata from five years ago places Luis Miguel del Amargue in YouTube trends. “You don’t note” is the song that, thanks to TikTok and other social networks, was increasing its audience, even in the midst of promoting the new songs from his recent album “The owner of the game.” “No notes” has 7.8 million […]

in Guayubín and Bonao – Disturbed in the Cibao appearance of two hanged girls

The National Police is investigating the circumstances in which two girls 10 and 12 years old They were found hanged in their respective residences in the community of Cerro Gordo, in the municipality of Guayubín, and in Los Arroceros de Bonao, in the provinces of Monte Cristi and Monseñor Nouel. The victims were identified as […]

Inauguration of the United States consular agency in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, DR. The Embassy of the United States inaugurated the new facilities of its consular agency in Plaza El Doral on the Luperón highway in the province of Puerto Plata, in which this type of service will be offered to US citizens who visit and live on the coast North of the country. Consul […]