Comment: Beware of permanent home office!

Home office It is questionable whether working conditions at home can actually be checked. (Photo: Imago) The good experience with the home office gives companies new ideas. What if the employees didn’t come back to the offices at all? For Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg it is already clear: he could attract employees who do not […]

Distance learning in the corona crisis does not reach many students

Digital lessons in Switzerland Many students currently need to be taught on the computer. (Photo: dpa) Berlin In the corona crisis, many students in Germany could not be reached digitally. This is the result of an evaluation of the “School Barometer”, which was published on Friday by the Institute for Education Management and Economics of […]

The industry is looking for fewer digital specialists

In the first quarter of the year, the number of digital specialists sought by job advertisement in Germany fell by four percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The consequences of the corona crisis are not yet reflected in these figures. Rather, there are signs of braking in digital industrial technologies such […]

DGB calls for binding regulations on working time recording

Berlin The corona virus has changed the world of work. Whoever can, sits in the home office and uses the possibilities of flexible working hours to reconcile family and work in the crisis as well as possible. But many workers are also noticing how work and leisure time are becoming increasingly blurred. Working hours should […]

Institute for cognitive systems wants to combine AI and security

Munich When it comes to artificial intelligence (Mario), Mario Trapp has a principle: “The machines have to adapt, not the people.” Otherwise, the robot would become a risk to people.The computer science professor is working on a low-risk digital infrastructure in a special Munich institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft – staged by the Free State of […]