Annexation in the West Bank: Netanyahu stalls

Former chief of staff, Gabi Ashkénazi is used to rough mornings. But the head of Israeli diplomacy will remember this curious exchange on the air of Israeli military radio in this 1is July, a deadline trumpeted for weeks by Benjamin Netanyahu as marking the beginning of the process of partial annexation of the occupied West […]

Viktor Proskurin died of the same lung disease that George Danelia and Oleg Efremov

Honored Artist Dies at the 69th Year of Life at a Moscow Hospital on June 30 Of Russia Viktor Proskurin. This was reported on Facebook by his wife Irina Honda. “I’m still in shock. All is unexpected. Like any death, ”she wrote. Victor Fans Proskurina immediately responded and remembered his wonderful work in the cinema: […]

2 Top US-Chinese Diplomats to Meet, What Are They Talking About? Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, revealed his reasons for meeting in a recent meeting with Yang Jiechi, a prominent Chinese diplomat. Pompeo revealed his reasons during a radio interview on Tuesday (6/23/2020). The meeting between Pompoe and Yang Jiechi itself took place on 17 June. “I believe the Communist […]

Foreign Ministry warned US against “anti-Chinese discourse” :: Politics :: RBC

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov accused the US of trying to impose anti-Chinese rhetoric on the world community and said that Moscow considers China’s actions adequate during the pandemic Photo: Getty Images Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov expressed concern about the heightened criticism of the United States against China and called on Washington to […]

“Bengalie” of Neva

The authors who published a book this year during the first half of March are not going to forget their misfortune. The essayists, those who have carried out investigations, signed documents, will remain present in the media, from time to time, as specialists in this or that subject. Not all novelists will have this chance. […]

Russian Foreign Ministry returned two notes with protests over Crimea to Ukraine :: Politics :: RBC

Maria Zakharova (Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press) The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs returned two diplomatic notes of protest sent from the Crimea to Ukrainian diplomats, official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing. Broadcast is available on Facebook departments. “In the first, Kiev protested in connection with archaeological excavations and earthworks in […]

Aid to Africa: what the Chinese masks hide

It is raining masks on the African continent. Six million donated by the Jack Ma foundation, the boss-billionaire of the Alibaba e-commerce platform, one million by the Huajian group, a global shoe manufacturing giant, another million from Huawei, the telecommunications mega-group … All Chinese companies. Upon arrival on African soil, in Addis Ababa, Algiers or […]

WHO: a first role undermined by “every man for himself”

Wash your hands, maintain social distance, and above all “Test, test, test”. There are three of them, every day at 5.30 p.m., two meters apart, lined up behind a desk at the end of a very long meeting room, which is deserted because it is forbidden to access. There is the director general, the Ethiopian […]