Apple France launches “Vives Voix” to highlight diversity

Apple France is launching a Franco-French initiative, which is rare enough to be underlined. Called “Vives Voix”, it aims to give voice and amplify “The French voices that are making our society evolve towards a fairer and more inclusive model. “ The selected programs will be showcased on various Apple services during the month of […]

Signs of diversity and tolerance in front of the Landhaus – Vorarlberg –

21.06.2021 21:22 (Akt. 21.06.2021 21:25) State Councilor Wiesflecker and representatives of the LGBTIQ community open Pride Week. © VLK / A.Serra For one week, on the occasion of Pride Week, the light columns on the forecourt of the Landhaus in Bregenz will shine in the rainbow colors. On the occasion of Pride Week, which starts […]

Los Angeles initiatives seek to boost diversity in Hollywood – Telemundo 52

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Friday a merger between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Group Effort Initiative and its Evolve Entertainment Fund, a public-private partnership to connect young Angelenos from underrepresented communities with career opportunities in the entertainment industry. “Evolve is about more than injecting the voices of young people into our city’s creative output – […]

Strong women: women and media

03.06.2021 If a woman becomes a victim of the media and then defends herself against the injustice: is she then a perpetrator? How sexist media treat women and what happens when you have the public as your opponent: one thing is certain, women have to be strong to defend themselves. Author: Rosanna Grüter, Patrizia Laeri […]

At airports – 50 updated directions

The beginning of the calendar summer, Lithuanian airports are greeted with a record number of new destinations this year. According to the current plans of the airlines, almost 80 direct routes will be operated at the country’s airports from June, among which there will be almost 50 renewables in June. According to Aurimas Stikliūnas, Head […]

It is in these places that people of Bremen encounter diversity

Opinion maker Stand date: 18. May 2021. : Serena Bilanceri The word “diversity” is on everyone’s lips. But what does it mean in concrete terms and where can you find it? Opinion makers tell about their experiences. Age, religion, world views, sexual orientation and identity: people can be so different. (Symbol image) Image: DPA | […]

Statement by the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, May 17, 2021

OTTAWA, ON, May 17, 2021 / CNW / – The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause stress and anxiety for many Canadians, especially those who do not have access to their usual support network. The Well-Being Canada portal provides people of all ages across the country with immediate access to free and confidential mental health and […]

Ryan Reynolds may be pressuring Marvel to make Deadpool bisexual

It’s been a while since The Walt Disney Company got hold of all of Fox’s goodies, but fans are still waiting for some character rights to take effect. An example of the above is Deadpool, a Marvel antihero who is about to make the leap to the MCU with his own movie, but it seems […]

Multifaceted reading – news –

A series of events on Instagram and Twitch on the subject of “Diversity in Books” will start on Friday under the motto “Multifaceted Reading”. Ten writers have prepared a colorful program with many readings, exciting talks, online workshops with interesting topics and a few surprises. The event takes place from April 30th to 7th. online. […]

More diversity at the Academy Awards 2021 – Culture Vienna

14.04.2021 09:21 (Akt. 15.04.2021 07:05) “Mank” leads the race for the Academy Awards with ten entries. © AP The 2021 Academy Awards will take place on the night of April 25th to 26th. This year there shouldn’t be any major debates about a lack of diversity – this year there is much more than usual. […]