Index – FOMO – Gusztáv Molnár and his wife divorce on Skype

A Dear heirs its star, Gusztáv Molnár, lost his wife due to alcohol problems. The actor, who suffers from bipolar disorder, went to rehab to repair his relationship with his wife, but she finally decided to end their marriage. The man then toyed with the idea of ​​suicide, and in November of last year, an […]

Who is entitled to the marital home after the divorce?

Divorces are now part of everyday life. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, a total of 128,240 marriages were legally divorced in Germany in 2020. This corresponds to a decrease of 4.4% compared to the previous year (2019). In the event of a divorce, however, the question then arises as to who will have […]

Separation: Markus Lanz and his wife Angela have separated

Markus Lanz’s marriage is over: his lawyer Christian Schertz confirmed the separation of the German Press Agency. According to him, the couple have been living apart for some time. Markus Lanz and his wife Angela: a couple since 2008 Markus Lanz and Angela Gessmann, who is 13 years his junior, met and fell in love […]

the actress revealed why she and her husband decided to say goodbye 7 years ago

Lilla Polyák feels that she is getting more and more “practice” in letting go. A few years ago, the former family unit had to say goodbye; she is divorced, and she recently had to say goodbye to her grandfather, as he continues his studies overseas. Saying goodbye is always hard The popular actress always tried […]

Lilla Polyák is fictional: that’s why they broke up with Zsolt Homonnay (video)

The actress did not avoid the porridge, she said honestly. Everyone was surprised at the divorce of Lilla Polyák and Zsolt Homonnay, as they were considered a dream couple. However, Blikk has now discovered that the actress spoke with open honesty about what exactly led to their divorce seven years ago. He also talked about […]

Two women are evicted in Torrent in the middle of a storm

He corridor was full of things. And mattresstens of bags and boxes full of clothes, hangers, souvenirs and objects of decoration. There were even paintings, lamps and cushions. Once the elevator door opened, the first thing you saw was a mountain of junk that Teresa, her daughter Sara (fictitious name) and five friends went taking […]

György Korda had to divorce, there was no other option

György Korda and Klári Balázs have been officially married since 1982. There is no doubt that György Korda is one of the best-known performers of Hungarian dance music. In the 1960s, the beat era began to make its way strongly, but even then it was impossible to knock him out of the saddle. We have […]