Index – Tech-Science – Dogecin is now available from Tesla

Unsurprisingly, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla’s merchandise products will now be available for payment with dogecoin, created as a satire for bitcoin, at the electric car manufacturer’s online store. The news boosted the cryptocurrency of the funny yellow dog by 14 percent for a short time, but later fell back. In the long […]

The price of Dogecoin is skyrocketing again, this is the reason – The value of a cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency) Dogecoin shot again on Friday, (14/1/2022). The reason is none other than Elon Musk’s tweet on Twitter. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO announced that Tesla would accept Dogecoin as a means of payment to purchase a number of products merchandise company. “Merchandise Tesla can be purchased using […]

What is dogecoin, how does it work and what is it for?

The crypto and digital finance ecosystem increasingly finds more users and is positioned as a strong and sustained alternative to the traditional financial system: In recent years, it seems that young people between 18 and 30 years of age are the ones who most turn to the world of cryptocurrencies. Along these lines, for example, […]

Skyrocketing: Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency breaks records

It is remarkable what a famous and influential billionaire like Elon Musk can do with the fate of a cryptocurrency, just publishing a very brief tweet and naming her as a favorite. This is what has happened in the world of virtual finance with the Dogecoin (DOGE), la favorita de Musk, you have seen how […]

Dogecoin symbol NFT valued at $ 225 million

The value of the original Dogecoin meme symbol in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) reached $ 225 million after a successful fractional sale. ???????? GET YO STICKS READY! $DOG trading is now live on @SushiSwap. Ape, hooman, cat, all is welcome on the chef’s table. Trade here: — ✨ PleasrDAOGE ???????? (@PleasrDAO) […]

Benjamin Ahmed, 12-Year-Old Boy Who Earned IDR 5.7 Billion in 2 Months

LONDON, – 12 year old coder named Benjamin Ahmed from London made $400,000 or IDR 5.7 billion after two months of selling non-fungible tokens (NFT). Throughout the school holidays, he did his hobbies, such as swimming, taekwondo, and learning how to code. At the age of 5, Ahmed started programming after seeing his father […]

Elon Musk Excites on Twitter about Baby Doge, What Is It? – Elon Musk has been crowded with Dogecoin, now he’s excited to mention Baby Doge. The SpaceX billionaire caused a stir in cyberspace through his official Twitter account, one of the dog-themed cryptocurrencies. It wouldn’t be Elon Musk if his tweets didn’t more than double the price of the cryptocurrency on Thursday (1/7/2021), according […]

Elon Musk Openly Backs Up Dogecoin, The Price Soared In The Last 24 Hours!

WE Online, Jakarta – Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is back to backing Dogecoin as his favorite project. He once again hinted at his support for cryptocurrencies which started as a joke. As a result, in the last 24 hours, the price of dogecoin has skyrocketed, up 5% after Musk announced it. Reported from Forbes in […]

Don’t Trust Banks, Here Are 5 Facts Why Millennials Love Crypto

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The current generation who suddenly become investors in investment products are those who are technology literate and treated to technological developments from a young age, namely Generation Z (Gen Z). Gen Z is referred to as the generation born after Generation Y (Millennial Generation, born 1980 – 1994). In book literature […]