Cologne Instagram: These are the ten best spots in the city

Köln – Googling and tweeting are already in the dictionary and the photo platform Instagram now has a firm place in the language and way of thinking of many people with the adjective “instagrammable”. A place, dinner or experience can be given the title “instagrammable” if it can be photographed particularly well – and the […]

Aid for the purchase of bicycles by the CACL

04/07/22Aid for the purchase of bicycles by the CACL The CACL offers people residing on its territory assistance with the purchase of a bicycle. Here is the important information to remember as well as the procedure. This is for all types of new bikes purchased from 06/07/2022: Classic adult and children’s bike; Electrically […]

The driver fatally hit a pedestrian and drove away. The police are looking for witnesses

The fatal accident occurred on the Białystok-Zabłudów route. Fot: Podlasie Police Photo illustrative On Wednesday (22/06), a man whose identity was not established was fatally hit. The incident took place on the national road No. 19 near the village of Protasy (Zabłudów commune) As reported by Nadinsp. Tomasz Krupa, spokesman of the Podlasie police, the […]