What is radiation therapy for and how does it work?

Radiation therapy is mainly used in cancer patients, although it also helps treat other diseases. “It is a treatment that is already over 100 years old and is the use of ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells”, summarizes Antonio Gómez Caamaño, president of the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology (SEOR). “It’s come a long way […]

A dose of hope: What the world can learn from Cuba’s vaccination campaign

A little over two years ago, on May 10, 2021, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 began in Cuba – with their own vaccines, which only a small number of countries can claim. In the meantime, the pandemic has long since been replaced by other headlines and that last “corona update” in Cuba today was also […]

From a genetic profile, targeted treatments and fewer side effects – Medicine

Guarantee each patient the correct drug based on specific genetic characteristics to avoid side effects. In other words, thanks to the genetic peculiarities of a patient, a therapy can be personalized, increasing its clinical validity. It is a challenge for the future, but in the meantime this principle has been demonstrated by a study, published […]

Bielefeld woman suddenly admits to having poisoned her husband – was the dose fatal?

Rewrite this content The death of a man in Bielefeld suddenly turns out to be a possible murder. Now it is certain that he was actually poisoned. The investigators are now waiting for an important report. Jens Reichenbach 01/26/2023, 02:00 am Exclusively forsubscribers Updates per NW+ Newsletter our recommendation annual subscription 118,80 € 99 € […]

If today is 2023, what dose of the Covid-19 vaccine do I have to get?

Rewrite this content Two years ago, vaccination programs against Covid-19 began in Spain, which marked the beginning of change in the face of a pandemic that has left many people dead, and which continues to cause deaths today. After 24 months, the majority of Spaniards have received at least two doses of the vaccine, some […]

Schillaci, 142 million vaccine doses made, 24.6% according to booster – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 18 – “As of November 16, during the current anti-Covid vaccination campaign, 142,331,373 doses had been administered in Italy; the vaccination cycle was completed by 48,702,525 people, equal to 90 ,20% of the over 12 population; the first booster dose was carried out by 40,316,426 people, equal to 84.51% of the […]

Vaccines: 25% drop in fourth doses in 7 days – Health

There were almost 4.3 million fourth doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, or about two out of ten people among those to whom they are recommended as a priority. But in the week from October 26 to November 1, the average administration saw a sharp decline of 25.3%: 27,680 were made per day, compared to […]