López Obrador denounces corruption in the release of the ‘Mochomo’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a conference in the National Palace. Image: Video Capture MEXICO CITY After it was announced yesterday that a federal judge ordered the release of José Ángel “N”, The mochomo, the alleged leader of Guerreros Unidos and involved in the Ayotzinapa case, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized the decision […]

López Obrador criticizes release of detainee in case of the 43

For more than five years, the whereabouts of the 43 Nosmalistas of Ayotzinapa have been unknown. Stock Photo: Cuartoscuro MEXICO CITY In congratulating the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), Alejandro Gertz Manero, for his work in the Ayotzinapa case, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador questioned the decision of a judge to release one of […]

Coronavirus. Is the signature of release of responsibility legal?

The question was asked by Stéphanie Fouquet by email, to the editor. “Does our employer have the right to have us sign a release to work on construction sites. If so, is it legally valid. “ We answer your questions, which you can send by email to ouest-france.vous.repond@ouest-france.fr, on our Facebook page, or in the […]

Amir Hassan Cheheltan’s “Window to the World”

AThey come here shortly after nine in the evening. The older brother is fifteen and the younger is twelve. They said that to my wife and myself. On the way here they tear open every garbage bag they find in search of old plastic. Then they dedicate themselves to the bags in a large waste […]

Drastic descent of furans and dioxins around the Zaldibar landfill

The latest analyzes on the presence of furans and dioxins in the air of the populations near the Zaldibar landfill, collapsed on February 6, reveal a “drastic” reduction in their levels since the fires generated by the combustion of the fires were quenched. industrial waste deposited in it. This is stated, as reported Thursday the […]

The collapse of the Zaldibar landfill cracks the ‘lehendakari’ igo Urkullu

JOSEAN IZARRA Bilbao Tuesday, 18 February 2020 – 02:03 The president and three councilors will appear on Tuesday in the Basque Parliament to explain the case A technical commission explains to the neighbors of Ermua, this Monday, the last hour of the accident at the Zaldibar landfill in Biscay.ARABA PRESS Thelehendakari, igo Urkullu, suffers its […]

The company that made the landfill changed “almost all” of the authorized project

The company that designed the Zaldibar landfill changed the “almost all” of the project that had been previously authorized by the Basque Government. Pouring Recycling got the Integrated Environmental Authorization in 2007 after submitting an LKS engineering report, but shortly thereafter hired another company (Geiser HPC) that, with this basic report in hand, almost completely […]

The southwest wind pushes landfill smoke to the inhabited nuclei

The wind is not helping anything to ensure the good condition of the air around the landfill. Although this Saturday most of the time it blows moderately, it does so in a southwest direction, which means that pushes into the valley of the river Ego, in the Deba basin, the smoke from the fire caused […]