There was a mass fight in Debrecen before the DVSC-Fehérvár championship reported that roughly 120 football hooligans beat each other in the head before Saturday’s DVSC-Fehérvár NB I championship. The paper knows that at an altitude of 18:45, a report was received by the police that several people fell at the intersection of Kartács Street and Doberdó Street. The uniforms hurried to the scene, where […]

He did not go to the Jujaks, Ferencváros won by scoring four goals

Ferencváros beat the Debrecen VSC 4–2 in the 5th round of NB I football. FOOTBALL NB IROUND 5Ferencváros – Debrecen 4–2 (1–1)Budapest, Groupama Arena, 7325 viewer. Led by: Beetle Gólszerző: Mak (39, 67), R. Mmaee (55-11), Laidouni (72), resp. Ugrai (17th, 89th) ONLIVE BROADCASTING, INTERESTING FACTS, STATISTICS HERE! SUMMARY After the middle start, Balázs Dzsudzsák […]