Shopping in e-shops with greater consumer protection

According to the statistics of the Česká project, there are currently almost 51,000 e-shops operating in the Czech Republic. Reviews from buyers only For many consumers, customer reviews are an important source of information not only about individual products, but also about the e-shop itself. However, if online stores want to continue to display […]

People are comparing prices and looking for discounts

This follows from the data of the shopping advisor, the company Heureka. According to them, the sale of durable food such as flour, oil, coffee or sugar has increased by one hundred percent on the Internet in recent months. Average order value decreased “Due to increased price sensitivity, customers are changing their shopping habits on […]

Dedoles is the beginning. I expect e-shop crashes, says investor Klega

How did the disintegration after the coronavirus pandemic affect the situation on the e-commerce market? After the covid, when e-shops grew up, they drew a lot of money and were profitable. This was reflected in future plans. The loosening brought a significant slowdown in growth, of course, confidence in e-commerce increased, but a lot of […]

Zalando is losing money because people are buying less

People have less money because of inflation, so they stop buying mid-priced clothes and shoes, according to data released today by Zalando. It is the largest operator of e-shops with clothes and footwear in Europe, since 2018 it has also been operating in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, clothing and footwear will become […]