Fraudulent husband caught COVID-19 on a trip to Italy with a lover

A married man in quarantine with coronavirus has been sweating because he caught the killer bug with his lover during a secret trip to Italy. His unsuspecting wife is now in self-isolation and does not know how her fraudulent husband has contracted the disease. He confessed to the public health coordinators in the north of […]

A short-term closure of the society would “do nothing”.

Australian Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has bluntly defended the government’s approach to curbing the coronavirus, saying that a short-term shutdown would “do nothing” and that measures should be “sustainable” for at least six months. Professor Murphy appeared with Scott Morrison at a press conference in Canberra this morning, where the Prime Minister announced strict […]

According to Alan Jones, COVID-19’s answer is “alarmist hysteria.”

Radio shock jock Alan Jones apparently believes that the response to COVID-19 is nothing more than exaggerated hysteria and alarmism. Apparently the virus didn’t get the memo. “In this modern world, with the slightest provocation – despite all the spending on education – we return to hysteria and alarmism,” he said on the radio this […]

Coronavirus: First community-borne cases in southeast Qld

QUEENSLAND Health is working to track every single case of coronavirus on the Gold Coast after confirming that there is community transmission in the region. HEALTH WARNING: This Coronavirus article is unlocked and can be read for free in the interest of community health and safety. Subscribe here for full access to Courier Mail / […]

All of your questions about COVID-19 have been answered

The deadly corona virus has now spread to at least 155 countries, infecting more than 180,000 people and killing more than 8000 people. Governments and health agencies around the world are trying to curb the pandemic, close schools, ban public gatherings, and declare emergency situations. As the virus continues to spread rapidly around the world, […]

The excavation of the elite tomb in China reveals the history of the donkey polo

A new study found for the first time that elite women played donkey polo in ancient China. The remains of donkeys from an elite woman’s grave indicate that the animal was not only used for transportation or traction. These results have illustrated the unique history of the humble donkey in human civilization. The remains of […]

Social distancing alone is “not enough,” says WHO chief

The World Health Organization has asked countries to test every suspected case of COVID-19 as the rest of the world has registered more cases and deaths from the pandemic than China. “You can’t fight a fire blindfolded,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in a virtual press conference from the UN agency’s headquarters in […]

Coronavirus SA updates: cases peak and close two schools for one day

What has been moved or canceled in SA This story about the coronavirus crisis is free for all readers – please support our journalism with a subscription The number of cases of South Australian corona viruses increased on Monday evening, forcing two Adelaide schools to block and one university to close their lectures. At least […]

Trading in Wall Street shares is discontinued

The stocks have seen another breathtaking plunge on Wall Street, triggering a trading stop within the first minute of opening Monday morning local time. Shares fell 9 percent when trading resumed after the 15-minute “breaker”. Markets around the world have declined by similar percentages as large parts of the economy come closer to closure due […]

The Morrison government criticized COVID-19’s response to QandA

Every Monday evening, the studio for ABC’s Q&A program is full of hundreds of spectators who watch the panel discussion and ask questions. Today’s corona virus special saw most of the questions the show has ever been asked in its 12-year history. But the audience was sparsely populated, with a few chairs between each seated […]