Why sustainability becomes even more important in Corona times

Wind farm at the edge of the forest Investors are demanding better carbon footprints from companies, but better social standards and good corporate governance. (Photo: Paul-Langrock.de) Frankfurt Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser was the first to feel the new, sustainable investment policy of the world’s largest investor Blackrock. After Blackrock boss Larry Fink wrote in a […]

Lobbyists want to torpedo the Green Deal

The climate package with the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 requires a complete restructuring of the economy, for which investments in the trillions of dollars are necessary. Sectors particularly affected: energy, industry, mobility, food production, housing, consumption and packaging. In the corona crisis, many industry associations are now taking advantage of the moment to […]

Deutsche Börse presents new sustainability index

Frankfurt They don’t like baking small rolls at Deutsche Börse, one of the largest European exchange operators. “We are convinced that the Dax 50 ESG will become the standard for sustainable investments in Germany,” said Stephan Flägel on Wednesday in Frankfurt. He heads the index division at stock exchange subsidiary Qontigo, which among other things […]

BCG wants to measure the sustainability of network operators

radio mast In a global comparison, the telecommunications industry has a carbon footprint that is about twice as large as the aviation industry, the Boston Consulting Group has calculated. (Photo: AP) Dusseldorf Modern life can hardly be imagined without fast mobile communications and landlines. But all of this consumes electricity and resources. It is not […]

Natixis-Bank trims loan portfolio for sustainability

Frankfurt It was a brave, maybe even a groundbreaking decision. Last autumn, French bank Natixis decided to base all financing in investment banking and corporate business on the consequences for the climate and the environment. To this end, the investment bank of the French savings banks and cooperative banks has developed a so-called green weighting […]

GDP is not the measure of all things

Many economists have already tried to tame gross domestic product (GDP) as the only measure of prosperity. Mostly with moderate success, as lastly in 2013 a study commission of the Bundestag. Each time, GDP held its own as the top dog in terms of economic development. Now the “Global Solutions Initiative”, an association of researchers […]

Union group warns against instrumentalization of the ECB

European Central Bank building in Frankfurt Union politicians are demanding that the ECB focus on price level stability. (Photo: AP) Berlin The Union Group’s Finance Working Party is concerned about attempts to involve central banks more in the fight against climate change. “We call for the political independence and market neutrality of the European Central […]

Responsible investing with ESG criteria

wind farm The topic of sustainability has now developed alongside digitization as one of the dominant topics on the capital market. (Photo: AP) Responsible investing is based on general standards. However, these norms are subject to constant changes in values ​​that reflect changes in society. In addition to the “classic” responsibility for return and risk, […]

The commitment to the climate stops when it comes to returns

Frankfurt A clear statement in Davos: “Our house is still on fire. Your inactivity feeds the flames every hour, ”said Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg at the World Economic Forum. It is not about creating an economy with less CO2 emissions, but rather: “Emissions have to stop.” The young generation will not be fooled by […]