Artificial Intelligence: Economic Boom or Job Losses? International Economists Weigh In

It should be the really big thing. Some experts expect artificial intelligence (AI) to create an economic boom and solve major problems. On the other hand, there is the fear of job cuts and disadvantages such as more surveillance. At a conference in Berlin, international economists examined the trend that is currently developing before the […]

Funding Cuts Threaten Germany’s Growing Computer and Video Game Industry

Cologne Germany’s up-and-coming industry for computer and video games fears a severe blow to the neck from federal politics. If the federal subsidy pot, which was only introduced in 2020, actually shrinks, the race to catch up with other states threatens to be broken off, said the managing director of the game industry association, Felix […]

Argentina pays IMF debt with loan from Qatar

BUENOS AIRES The Special Drawing Right is a reserve fund introduced by the IMF that gives all member states additional financial leeway. Most recently, Argentina had already taken out loans from the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) and in China to meet its obligations to the IMF. The second largest economy in South America owes […]

The Phenomenal Success and Economic Impact of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

There is no general economic crisis in the music sector, but an extreme polarization of positions with, at the very bottom of the pyramid, a very large majority of artists whose income is insufficient to live on, and, while high, artists who triumph as no one has ever triumphed before them. Nothing illustrates this “Winner […]

There are significantly more bankruptcies in companies – economy

The number of corporate insolvencies in Germany is increasing again significantly. The credit agency Creditreform registered 8,400 bankruptcies in the first six months of this year, as announced on Thursday. This means an increase of 16.2 percent compared to the first half of 2022. According to the experts, the last time there was a higher […]

Brussels eliminates competitive disadvantages for German companies

Textile industry in Bangladesh After the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, the European variant is now to come. (Photo: dpa) Freiburg With a large majority, the EU Parliament voted in favor of tightening the European Supply Chain Directive – CSDDD for short – planned by the Commission. Similar to the German Supply Chain Due […]

Around 50,000 repayments of emergency corona aid still open

If the economic situation of the applicants does not develop as badly as initially feared, it was agreed as a condition for the support that unneeded tranches be returned later. The NBank organized the processing and distribution of the aid payments, which the state of Lower Saxony made from its own funds after the beginning […]