From Mariupol to Odessa, ‘Putin remains rubble’ – World

“The city is gone, there are only ruins. It is impossible to rebuild. If the Russians took it too they would have conquered rubble”. In a nutshell, Anastasiya sums up the paradox of the invasion of Moscow: in his destructive charge he no longer even serves his interests. Anastasiya is one of the thousands of […]

Plane in Milan, Italy, crashes and 8 people die – Europe – International

Eight people died, including the pilot and co-pilot, when the airplane private in which they traveled it crashed this Sunday, October 3, against a building in the town of San Donato, on the outskirts of Milan, which caught fire after the impact although it was empty, confirmed the Fire Department. (Also: French Catholic Church has […]

There are 18 already dead in Miami and there are 145 missing – News

Six lifeless people were found in the rubble of the building that collapsed last week in Miami-Dade. At the moment, the authorities have notified 18 deaths, two of them are children, as announced this Wednesday, June 30, by the county police. Another 145 people have yet to be located. The tragedy shook a 12-story building […]

They sell the CNN center; It was acquired by a Florida company | Atlanta

ATLANTA (TELEMUNDO ATLANTA) .- One of Georgia’s most iconic buildings will change ownership. After years of changes and decisions, finally the company “CP Group”, which is based in Florida, acquired the “CNN Center”, headquarters since 1987 of one of the most important news networks on the planet. CP Group is the second largest owner of […]

Building collapse in Miami: hypothesis why it happened – US – International

The collapse of a structure, sometimes, usually occurs as a result of natural phenomena such as earthquakes or floods. However, the fateful collapse of part of the building Champlain Towers South, located north of Miami (USA), it has several structural hypotheses about what could have happened. (Also: They identify 8 of the 9 victims of […]

Elderly couple die in Miami landslide

Gladys and Antonio Lozano got married in 1962 and since then they had spent their lives together. Context: 2018 report warned of structural damage to Miami building The 79- and 83-year-old couple were about to celebrate 59 years of marriage when tragedy knocked on their door. According to information provided by his son, Sergio Lozano, […]