Greens call for laptop donations for needy students

Student on laptop Poor pupils should receive a grant of 150 euros for the purchase of a laptop for teaching at home, according to the will of the grand coalition. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group for digital infrastructure, Tabea Roessner, called for laptop donations for needy students. The background is […]

How parents want to influence their children’s teachers

Parents in class struggle: scene from the school comedy “Ms. Müller has to go” Image: ddp Images If the children’s grades do not match, teachers often come under massive pressure from their parents. Does school research have any advice to counteract the problem? SAre schools now less a place where students learn for life than […]

Loosen or not loosen? Politics in a dilemma

There is enormous pressure on those in government at federal and state levels. Even after almost four weeks, the majority of the population endorsed the unprecedented restrictions, at least surveys suggest. But how much longer? Constitutional lawyers pose the question of proportionality in the massive interference with fundamental rights. In addition, there are the psychological […]